Co-Option for URPC!

There are have been 4 Co-Option vacancies available for Upper Rissington Parish Council since April! We know that there are willing residents wanting to join the council and it can only be a matter of days when the meeting goes ahead!

This a government position and constitutionally if individuals want to represent our village as councillors in local government and accept the responsibility of the position then they MUST attend.

I have included the CO-OPTION notice if any person wishes to represent our village in local government and maybe we can have a council meeting when scheduled.


Upper Rissington Parish Council has a vacancy for the position of Councillor following the vacation of office by _________.

The Returning Officer of Cotswold District Council has confirmed that the regulation 10 requests from electors has not been fulfilled and the Pown Council can now fill the casual vacancy by co-option.

Those who are interested in serving the community in this way and would like to be considered as a candidate for co-option should contact the Parish Clerk by email (see below).


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