Co-Option for URPC!

There are have been 4 Co-Option vacancies available for Upper Rissington Parish Council since April! We know that there are willing residents wanting to join the council and it can only be a matter of days when the meeting goes ahead!

This a government position and constitutionally if individuals want to represent our village as councillors in local government and accept the responsibility of the position then they MUST attend.

I have included the CO-OPTION notice if any person wishes to represent our village in local government and maybe we can have a council meeting when scheduled.


Upper Rissington Parish Council has a vacancy for the position of Councillor following the vacation of office by _________.

The Returning Officer of Cotswold District Council has confirmed that the regulation 10 requests from electors has not been fulfilled and the Pown Council can now fill the casual vacancy by co-option.

Those who are interested in serving the community in this way and would like to be considered as a candidate for co-option should contact the Parish Clerk by email (see below).


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  1. I would have expected that all the co-optees would have been councillors by now. Can anyone explain what is happening with our Parish Council?

  2. Well, no PC meeting then this month, as no agenda has been posted at the village hall or on their web site. I thought the Accounts had to be signed off by the 30th June.

  3. Let’s see what happens tomorrow because if we need to we can use the miss selling issue at VF to by -pass the PC. That may be a private issue but it becomes a public one in court through the issue of the amenities and public open spaces. Must not forget either that the current PC has not been elected therefore not competent as a PC to represent the community! As homeowners we will not sit around for 3 months waiting for the PC to get its act together!

  4. Life is fickle and I have changed my opinion of the Parish Councillors and I think they are doing what they do best. If they were doing what you expected of them, then many of clubs and committees would not have formed for the benefit of the whole village.

    If we had a proactive council, then we may not have Social Committee or a Village Hall Trust for example.

    Think of the many positives, below are some examples:
    * Social Committee
    * Village Hall Trust
    * Sports Club
    * The Breeze Newsletter
    * Scouts
    * The Group liaising with Nigel Moor to tackle LinBO
    * Little Hurricanes

    This means the PC are left with just organising grass cutting, as tree pruning is suspended.

  5. If the trees need pruning why is that an issue? I suppose our PC says they should not pay? My response is prune the trees and send the bill to the owner of the land that they are on?? Surely this is the only way to get some light in Upper Rissington?

  6. In the PC eyes it is an issue because they have to pay and they don’t own the trees. They pay for the grass cutting but they don’t own most of the grass they cut, so what is the difference, I can’t see it.

    Their excuse for cutting the grass but not the trees, and we are talking about the exact same patches of land, was that the grass cutting was on a 3 year contract but the trees weren’t?!?

  7. I thought the PC was responsible for keeping the village tidy? The grass is a mess, the trees are not pruned, litter is everywhere including broken liquor and beer bottles at specific locations like the shops and the village Hall so what do they do? I thought they were supposed to spend the funds not hoard them in the bank? Where is all the money going?

  8. What motivates people to accept all this mess without a fight? Does no one care? Why can’t we get an action group together? I do emphasise action not talking as there is far too much of that already!

  9. Info from Nigel Adams.

    (i) The Current Parish Council

    As with the District Council and all town/parish councils within Cotswold District, elections were held in May 2015 for councilors to serve the parish until May 2019. In the case of Upper Rissington, seven councillors were to be elected.

    Despite local ‘encouragement’ for candidates to come forward, an election was not required as only four people submitted nominations – Brian Hanks, Dawn Laird, Caroline Maclean and Michael Triggs. These four residents were elected unopposed; with the remaining three vacancies to be filled by co-option by the Parish Council (because there were sufficient members to enable the council to be quorate and able to act – minimum of three members required).

    Mr Triggs did not complete a Declaration of Acceptance of Office within the requisite time-frame and, therefore, a casual vacancy arose. The vacancy was advertised (via a Notice produced by the District Council), giving a period of 14 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and other specified days) during which electors could request that the vacancy be filled by election rather than co-option. Such a request needed to be made by ten registered local government electors from the Parish. A request was not forthcoming, leaving a total of four vacancies to be filled by co-option.

    At the Parish Council meeting on 6th July 2015, David Arnold, Jason Corban, Andrew Maclean and Hans Ziebeck were co-opted onto the Council (from seven expressions of interest), to serve until May 2019 (i.e. the remainder of the four-year term of the council).

    However, since that time, there have been four resignations (Hans Ziebeck in 2015; and Caroline Maclean, Jason Corban and Andrew Maclean on three separate occasions this year). A Notice of Vacancy was published on each occasion, but no election was requested. Ultimately, this led to the co-options of Martin Johnstone, Amos Peek, Kelvin Walker and Rosie Webber on 12th July.

    (ii) The Co-options and Other Business on 12th July 2017

    I am assured that the agenda for the meeting on 12th July was published in accordance with the legal requirements, and included an item about the intended co-option of up to four councillors.

    Given that there were more candidates than vacancies, and multiple vacancies to be filled, the council was required to deal with each vacancy in turn. The process had been confirmed by me to the Chairman; and the process was followed at the meeting.

    At the time of voting on the co-options, the meeting was quorate and, therefore, the four individuals have been properly co-opted, and their co-options are valid.

    Before any of the co-optees may act as a parish councillor, he/she must complete a ‘Declaration of Acceptance of Office’. This declaration must be made at or before the next meeting of the council (although, if the council at that meeting so permits, a later deadline can be imposed).

    The fact that Declarations of Acceptance of Office were not signed at the last meeting does not invalidate the co-options (indeed, it is not unusual for a co-optee not to be present at the meeting where he/she is co-opted).

    Subject to the four co-opted councilors completing their respective Declarations of Acceptance of Office in the required manner/timeframe, their co-options hold good – if one or more chooses not to do so, then one or more casual vacancies will arise, to be dealt with by CDC in the normal way.

    At the meeting on 12th July, subsequent to the council agreeing the four co-options but before any other business could be conducted (including the item relating to Declarations of Acceptance of Office), Councillor David Arnold announced that he was resigning and left the meeting. At that point, the meeting became inquorate and stood adjourned, with all remaining business on the agenda rendered outstanding and to be held over to either an extraordinary meeting or the next scheduled meeting.

    (iii) Councillor David Arnold

    Although Councillor Arnold announced his intention to resign when leaving the meeting on 12th July, a resignation must be in writing (an e-mail is acceptable) to the chairman of the parish council; and will take effect upon the receipt of the ‘notice’ by the chairman. Once received, a resignation cannot be withdrawn, although the member who has resigned is not precluded from standing again, even to seek to fill the vacancy that he/she has created.

    As at the time of this e-mail, I understand that Councillor Arnold has not submitted a formal written notice of resignation.

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