Community Governance Review of URPC (considering raising URPC to 11 cllrs)

Below is a letter we all received regarding a review of URPC and expanding the council up to 11 councillors, with possibility of dividing the village into wards.

Our ref: NA/CGR2018
Contact: Nigel Adams
Direct Dial: 012285 623202
17th July 2018

Dear Resident

Community Governance Review – Upper Rissington Parish Council Proposed Increase in Councillor Numbers and Possible Introduction of Warding Arrangements

A request has been received from URPC from a Community Governance Review (CGR) to be taken by Cotswold District Council (CDC) in relation to the current electoral arrangements for the parish; with a view to increasing the overall number of councillors on the Parish Council and, possibly, the introduction of parish wards.

The following rationale has been provided by the Parish Council in support of an increase in numbers:-

• The size of the village has increased substantially over the last 4 years as a result of the development of Victory Fields; and the ‘scale’ adopted by District Council would allow for a larger number of councillors based on the size of the electorate.

• An increase in the Council size will permit the Council to reflect a wider cross section of the Parish – promoting better community cohesion.

• A larger number of councillors will allow the greater workload to be shared more easily, reducing the burden on a small group of councillors.

• A larger pool of councillors will facilitate the creation of committees (e.g. Finance, Staffing and Planning), which will lead to more effective management of the Council.

• The request reflects the request of a large number of electors, actively supported by the County Councillor, for the review.

The advisory ‘scale’ referred to above can be seen in the attached information sheet. At present Upper Rissington Parish Council is represented by seven councillors. However, a body of eleven councillors could be appropriately based on its current (and growing) electorate.

The creation of wards is seen as a mechanism to ensure representation from distinct community areas within the parish (although the legislation cannot actually guarantee this – see Information Sheet).

It is important for local residents and others to submit their comments on the proposals, and for those comments to have regard to the statutory criteria and other considerations that CDC must take into account when reaching the final Review outcome, and avoid issues/arguments that do not carry weight – the attached Information Sheet will hopefully help in this regard; and further information relating to the review can be found on the website –

A Consultation Comments Form is also attached (do not have a copy). You can use this form to submit your views, or you can write to me or e-mail me (Nigel Adams). The closing date for the submission of representations is 20th September 2018.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Adams
Electoral Registration Officer
Cotswold District Council

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10 thoughts on “Community Governance Review of URPC (considering raising URPC to 11 cllrs)

  1. This is a brilliant idea and I wholeheartedly support the increase to eleven councillors for the reasons stated above.

    I do not support warding in such a small community, it could increase the tensions between areas of the village. Also, it could prevent some talented people coming forward to represent the council if the “wards” were restricted in numbers.

  2. Its taken a year of hard work to get here Jerry, rest assured it did not arise in CDC or anything that URPC initiated!

  3. I sincerely hope warding does not take place. The only advantage of warding is that only one councillor would be eligible form the centre of the village, which means we cannot have the current duo. It will also restrict other good nominations from the village, in the past from the centre has been Hans Ziebeck, John Barber, Margaret Flint, Stuart Hepburn, Brian Hanks and Dawn Laird that I know of.

    If we believe in democracy then we don’t need warding. We need eleven good councillors to be elected.

  4. There is no democracy in Upper Rissington as 50% of the population has no representation due to the despotic control of the minority from the centre of the village! Both past and present! Time for change!

  5. That is democracy – that’s how it works. Dawn Laird and Brian Hanks are probably the worst councillors the county has ever experienced, but they were elected under a democratic process.

  6. No one voted for them, they were elected unopposed because of apathy! That is failed democracy Jerry! It does not work like that at all!

    1. That is how democracy works Mike – people have the democratic right not to take any interest and sadly, that is what happened.

      What’s failing the system is to be able to remove Councillors who aren’t doing the job or causing issues within the Council, forcing others to leave and this includes the Clerk 🙁

  7. David is correct, it is how democracy works in the UK.

    Mike you are new to the village and you don’t know all of the history. URPC was so broken, no one apart from Caroline Maclean, Dawn Laird and Brian Hanks wanted to join URPC in 2015.

    Why? Well two of the above councillors had so poisoned the water no one else was interested in joining. We may complain, but that is democracy. If you don’t like it move to Zimbabwe.

  8. Jerry, this place is worse than Zimbabwe! People have fought for the vote so abstaining because a vile minority have taken over is not the solution! So the only option is change! Why on earth do you both wish to sustain a broken URPC? What attracted me to this website was the Banner “Time for Change” so I find it sick that you are doing nothing to change it! I got talking to our Country councillor and he suggested we talk to the MP! We proved we have enough support to make the changes and now its coming so tough! Change is coming whether you like it or not! Everyone in the village has the opportunity to put what they would prefer in writing and because the demographic has changed dramatically since 2015 you must assume that the new arrivals here will not be interested to hear what happened in the past. Ebagum has gone and the chairman of the PC in Swinbrook has gone so its time for change in this Banana Republic too!

  9. Community Governance Review from CDC website – interesting to know WARDS are being removed. Yes, if we ward the centre section of UR then that will naturally rid the village of all but one councillor. However, we have a fair election with 11 good candidates that will do the same:

    We are currently undertaking a review of the following proposals put forward by several town/parish councils:

    To remove the current warding arrangements at town/parish level in respect of Bourton-on-the-Water, Fairford, Moreton-in-Marsh, South Cerney, and Tetbury;to increase the overall number of councillors on Cirencester Town Council to 16 (from 15) by way of an increase, from one to two, of the number of councillors to represent the New Mills Ward (thereby ensuring that each town ward is represented by two councillors);

    To increase the number of councillors on Upper Rissington Parish Council to either 9 or 11 (from 7) and, linked to the increase in councillor numbers, to consider the possible introduction of parish warding arrangements.

    Residents and interested organisations are invited to submit their views on the proposals for change. The closing date for submissions is 20 September 2018.

    Further details of the various proposals, maps (where appropriate), and consultation response forms can be accessed on our Consultations web page.

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