Contamination Survey – 2018

Variation of condition 1 of reserved matters permission dated 23/01/2013 to provide detailed plans and sections of open space provision and to provide amended plans for hard surfacing and planting: Click here for the CDC link.

The files below have been added to the above application 17/04151/FUL regarding, land surveyed by Merebrook. The letter added below the files is a worthy read, especially the last paragraph.

Below is a letter to Deborah Smith from Karen Toomer.

Further to our discussion, I have the following information regarding the above-mentioned compliance application. I have also attached the relevant sources of information, in case they are not available on the planning portal.

The following report was received for 12/03810/REM (08/03697/OUT) and approved by CDC in 2013:

Merebrook, Remediation Method Statement, Former RAF Little Rissington, Linden Homes Thames Valley and Bovis Homes, RMS 171873-13-2 Rev B, March 2013

This report discussed the remedial methods to deal with contamination comprising the residential areas and POS based on the based on the Phasing Plan Dated 04.06.13. 

The residential plots included in phases 1-3 have been dealt with on a plot by plot basis and verified in accordance with the RMS. I have the individual validation reports if required.

Appendix 5 (Drawing no. 17183) of the RMS shows the areas of POS where exceedances of various contaminants were encountered during the site investigations undertaken at the site.

As can be seen on this drawing, following intrusive site investigation works by WSP, there were a total of ten POS locations with unacceptable soil sample concentrations which were remediated as follows:

Arsenic – exceedance along northern boundary – dealt with by planning permission 15/02436/FUL (The Village Square, Hawker Square, Upper Rissington)

Asbestos debris – three locations across site – dealt with by Bath Demo – Waste Transfer Notes attached

Lead and arsenic concentrations in the vicinity of the water attenuation pond – Phase 2 hotspot removal – assessed by Merebrook – see attached letter report

Location of visual and olfactory hydrocarbon contamination – located in south east corner  – now below 2-3m of landscaped material in POS, no longer considered to pose an unacceptable risk to human health due to depth of cover

Radiologically enhanced contaminated land – in southwest corner of site – dealt with by Radman Associates – see attached validation report

Location of visual and olfactory hydrocarbon contamination – located in southwest POS – negligible concentrations of PAH and TPH contamination in soil samples – now covered in topsoil, initially believed to be validated stockpiles H and K, therefore, no longer considered to pose unacceptable risks to human health (see additional note below).

Playing field area in southwest of site

 Having spoken to Merebrook, they informed me that the topsoil material in this area is not from Stockpiles H and K but from another source. The consultant also informed me that Merebrook have provided the developer with a scope of works for further assessment of this area, to include the following:

  1. Undertake validation testing of the upper metre of soils on a 20 m grid across the entire area.  A minimum of two samples will be taken at each location and screened for the presence or absence of asbestos, heavy metals and hydrocarbons.
  2. Excavate a trial pit on the location of the former underground fuel storage tank and remove any hydrocarbon impacted soils to an area of hardstanding where they will be covered to prevent run-off.  Validate base and sides of excavation following removal of affected soils and undertake WAC testing of excavated soils prior to off-site disposal.

I understand that the consultant is awaiting confirmation of this scope from the developer. 

The documents below were uploaded to the CDC Portal on 17th April 2018.

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