Crimes Local to UR

Added: 31 Oct 2018

Attempted theft at Upper Rissington.

At about 02:45 on the morning of 31/10/2018 unknown offender have entered the rear garden of a property in Sparrows Way, Upper Rissington via an unlocked side gate.

They attempted to break in via a double glazed patio door; however broke the glass and alerted the occupant of the property. The offenders fled the scene in what was described as a white, or cream coloured VW golf.

If you have any information that may related to the above crime, please phone 101 and quote
Incident 25 of 31/10/2018.

Message Sent By Robert Hardie (Police, Reception, Stow)

Burgary and attempted theft from a car at Icombe 

Between 17:00 on 30/10/2018 and 08:00 on 31/10/2018, person, or persons unknown broke in to a house in Icombe by forcing a ground floor side window. They stole the keys to a black Free Lander MkII registration AG59FMM and drove this vehicle away from the property.

If you have any information reference this crime, please phone 101 and quote Incident 65 of 31/10/2018.

Message Sent By Robert Hardie (Police, Reception, Stow)

Added: 29 Sept 2018

Door To Door Sellers – North Cotswolds

  • Gloucestershire police incidents : 150, 164 , 207 and 438 27/09/18

The above incidents were called in where males were seen selling cleaning products door to door. This is an offence, unless the seller has a licence. The offence is ” Peddling without a licence.”

We advise the public not to buy from these people as they are on the lookout for vulnerable residents to sell details on and these persons sometimes become victims of burglary.
They use a few tricks , such as smelling the money that is given to them to see if it smells musty. This tells them the resident keeps their money in the house somewhere and possibly don’t use a bank.

The best advice is not to get into an argument but be stern and say “NO” and close the door. Then call police. We accept 999 calls of this type of incident as they are still in the area and we need to stop them and deal with them.

If we get three complaints and residents are happy to make statements they can be arrested and either summons to court for Peddling without a licence or given a £90 fine on the spot and have their selling bags seized.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

Operation Firefly – Update – 20 September 2018

Gloucestershire police have run an anti poaching operation from Tewkesbury that has covered all rural areas in Gloucestershire on Thursday 20th September.

Police were called to suspect poachers in the Quenington Area driving three cars on a farmer field. The farmer used his Landover to block the gateway before police arrived.

On police attendance it was found that the youths driving the cars were not poaching but driving in an anti-social manner. All owners of the vehicles were issued with a Section 59 notice which means they have been warned that if they are found driving their car or anyone else’s car within the next twelve months that car will be seized.

During the evening a Grey Landrover Defender Pick Up registration RH07 WGH, was stolen from a farm in Tewkesbury and was last seen driving towards Twyning. Gloucestershire police incident 437 20/09/18 refers. Anyone with any information is asked to call on 101 or email

Many thanks. PC 2201 Nick Westmacott

Added: 18 Sept 2018

Burglary – Bourton-On-The-Water

  • Gloucestershire police incident 108 17/09/18

Police were called to a burglary on 17th September at 0953hrs where a white male wearing a blue or black hooded top with white stripes down the arms, grey jogging bottoms and black trainers or shoes. The male walked into a property on School Hill and stole jewellery while the occupant was still at home.

The male then made off in the direction of Moore Road or the High Street.

Police have managed to obtain a CCTV image of the male from Bourton Primary School.

Anyone with information, especially if near the primary school at the time of the incident , is asked to call police on 101 or email

PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

Added: 3 Sept 2018

Burglaries And Attempted Burglaries Across The North Cotswolds

Since 31st August there have been a series of burglaries and attempted burglaries, many of which appear to be linked to 3/4 youths and a green/pale blue old style BMW X5 possibly with an 03 plate.

Between 15:00 and 18:00 on 01/09/2018, burglars broke through a locked gate in an attempt to burgle a property in Wyck Beacon, nr Upper Rissington. If you have any information about this, please phone 101 and quote Incident 151 of 01/09/2018.

A second incident was reported at 17:30 on 31/08/2018 where a holiday home, also in Wyck Beacon, near Upper Rissington was broken in to. If you have any information about this, please phone 101 and quote Incident 308 of 31/08/2018.

Message Sent By Robert Hardie (Police, Reception, Stow)

Added: 28 Aug 2018

Operation Firefly – Update

Gloucestershire police were looking for a Vauxhall Zafira on Irish plates , 08MO2704 in connection with a poaching and criminal damage offence in Moreton-in-Marsh.

After placing the vehicle details on PNC (Police National Computer) the car was stopped and seized by Derbyshire Police.

If the vehicle recovery and storage charge is not paid within 21 days the car will destroyed.

Gloucestershire police would like to thank the public for their response to the original community alert asking for information.

Many Thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Wildlife Crime Officer

Op Firefly – Poaching Offences – North Cotswolds

  • Gloucestershire police incidents 175 and 251 24/08/18

Police were called to land near the A40 at Great Barrington after a report of 5 males on land with dogs hunting hares without permission, were seen getting into a Mitsubishi Shogun. The vehicle hit a gate at the location causing damage and failed to stop to give details. These males were then seen swapping cars near the A40 getting into a Vauxhall Zafira and went on to commit poaching offences on land near Moreton-in-Marsh.

Police have seized the Mitsubishi Shogun on the A40 under the Hunting Act and unless claimed back will be destroyed.

Police are looking for a Vauxhall Zafira on Irish plates , 08MO2704 that failed to stop after ramming a farm vehicle on land in Moreton-in-Marsh.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 or email

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Wildlife Crime Officer.

Added on 6 June 2018

Anyone lost a push bike?

  • Gloucestershire police incident 175 06/06/18

Police have received a report of a found push bike – An Ardun Trail in Black and Red.
Anyone who has lost this bike is asked to call 101 or email quoting the incident number above.
After a week the bike will be collected by Gloucester Bike Project.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood policing team.

Added on 16 May 2018

Dog walking on farm land

Gloucestershire police have received calls from concerned farmers regarding dog walkers leaving dog’s faeces on farm land , especially in fields with live stock.

If a dog has worms this can be treated. If sheep pick up dog worms , this can not be treated and the sheep become very sick and will die.

We are asking dog owners to be responsible and to pick up after their dogs in all rural areas. I public areas there are plenty of dog poo bins around.

If found committing this offence there is a fine of up to £1500

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Wildlife Officer for North Cotswolds.

Added on 12 May 2018

Criminal damage Upper Rissington

  • Gloucestershire police incident 137 12/05/18

Police have received a report of graffiti being sprayed at various locations around Upper Rissington overnight Friday 11th – Saturday 12th May.

The word sprayed in black paint is ” I N O L I “
This is called a graffiti tag. Police are asking local residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.
Police are also interested if any empty spray cans are found in the area. If so please do not touch and we will retrieve them for any potential evidence.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 or email quoting the incident above.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Suspicious males selling mattresses door to door – Upper Rissington

  • Gloucestershire police incident 362 11/05/18

Police have received a report of a White Mercedes Sprinter Van registration KV16 BWG with a white male selling mattresses door to door in Upper Rissington on Friday 11th May at 6:00pm

The sales man has initially said the mattresses are free. Once the residents have become interested in taking one he has told them they cost £199.

Thankfully no one has bought any items from this male.

Police advise the public not to buy any items from door to door sales persons. They could be eyeing up your property for a potential burglary or other crime.

Anyone with any information or who has had a similar experience recently is asked to report this to us by calling 101 or email  the incident number above.

Many thanks,

PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Added on 10 May 2018

Burglary – Lansdown Bourton-on-the-Water

  • Gloucestershire police incident 335 06/05/18

Police have received a report of a house burglary in Lansdown , Bourton-on-the-Water that took place about at 9:30am on Sunday 6th May.
Another neighbour saw 4-5 youths aged 14-16 years old, in the area after the house was entered. The rear patio doors had been forced open.

One of the youths has been described as wearing a base ball cap and blue hooded top with the hood up.
Police forensic teams have been called in to examine the crime scene.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police quoting the incident number above on 101 or email

Added on 25 April 2018

Dwelling Burglary – Garage Entered – Lower Slaughter

  • Gloucestershire police incident 549 24/04/18

Police have received a report of a garage being broken into on Tuesday 24th April.
The offenders have stolen 2 large brass fire dogs and a fire grate stored in the garage.

Anyone with any information please call police on 101 or email

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

Police Speed Checks – North Cotswolds

Police have recently attended a number of parish council AMG’s. The main complaints from members of the public to police have been around concerns about speeding in villages in the North Cotswolds.

As a result police will now be conducting a series of speed checks at the following locations over the coming months.

  • Moreton-in-Marsh – London Road and Stow Road
  • Chipping Campden – Station Road and Aston Road
  • Stow-on-the-Wold – A436 Oddington Road
  • Bourton-on-the-Water – Landsdown (20mph) and Rissington Road
  • Blockley – Station Road (20mph) and Greenway Road
  • Bourton-on-the-Hill – A44
  • Northleach – East End and West End – Supporting new community speed watch group.
  • Andoversford – A436 at the primary school

We will also be support other community speed watch locations.

Police will be issuing offence tickets in support of the community speed watch initiative.
Be safe “20 is plenty”

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Male from Moreton Charged to Court for Cultivation of Cannabis

  • Gloucestershire police incident 271 24/04/18

Police attended a report of a domestic incident in Moreton-in-Marsh on Tuesday 24th April.
On attendance police were invited in and found a large amount of cannabis and a full hydroponic set up.

A 31 year old male from Moreton-in-Marsh was arrested for cultivation of drugs, namely cannabis. The male has been charged and bailed to appear at court 09/05/18.

Anyone with any information about cultivation or dealing of drugs can report this to police via 101 or email
Alternatively this can be reported anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111

Attempted Burglary Little Barrington

  • Gloucestershire police incident 312 24/04/18

Police have received a report of a window being smashed in Little Barrington on Tuesday 24th April.

At this time it doesn’t appear that the house has been entered.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 or email

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Added on 24 April 2018

Cyber safety for children

10 apps that you need to be most aware of:

The following list has been created by the police to highlight the 10 apps that you need to be most aware of. In our continued attempt to keep you all informed of the daily, weekly and monthly challenges of cyber safety for children, we urge you to read and give advice and support as appropriate.

These are the 10 apps police have recently warned that parents need to know about if they want to keep an eye on their children’s cyber safety:
1) Omegle
Omegle is a free online chat room that lets users talk anonymously to complete strangers.
It randomly pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they can chat to people all around the world.
The site now provides a mobile app that lets users chat with strangers from mobile devices.
2) Yubo (formerly called Yellow)
This app has had quite a lot press in the past for its similarity to adult dating apps & it’s been criticised for letting young users exchange texts and photos with nearby strangers.
Users are also able to “swipe” other users that they are interested in and swap selfies with each other.
This app is designed to permit teens to flirt with each other as with Tinder.
It could be used to trade naked pictures.
3) Calculator App lock
This allows users to hide private photos and videos in plain sight by disguising itself as a calculator.
It also allows users to write and store private notes and securely browse the internet with a private browser.
This app might look like a calculator but it actually functions as a type of secret photo vault.
Other apps with similar settings include Secret Calculator Vault and Calculator + Photo Lock Vault.
4) ” target=”_blank”> is a social networking site where users create profiles and send each other anonymous questions.
It has been linked to cyberbullying as it allows users to send unkind questions and messages completely anonymously.
The site came under fire following the deaths of two English teenagers who killed themselves after they were bullied on the site.
5) Kik messenger
Kik is a free instant messaging mobile app that allows users to send and receive messages, photos, videos and mobile web pages.
Users can also join special groups and video chat using the app.
6) Hot or Not
Hot or Not is a game where you upload your best pictures and get rated by other users in your area.
The app also lets users see how attractive friends are and browse through a list of the most attractive people nearby.
Strangers then rate profiles with a view to meeting up.
7) Burnbook
Burnbook is an anonymous gossip app that lets users post rumours about people through audio, messages, texts and photos. It encourages cyberbullying as per the teen cult movie Mean Girls.
Users can download the app for free, search for school communities within 10 miles, and share text, photo, and audio messages with other community members.
8) Wishbone
Wishbone is a controversial comparison app that allows users to compare whatever they want to.
It allows users to compare children against each other and then rate them on a scale.
9) Whisper
Whisper is an anonymous app which promotes sharing secrets and meeting new people.
The service allows users to post and share private photo and video messages completely anonymously.
The posts, known as “whispers”, consist of text superimposed over an image – which can be uploaded or selected from an in-app search engine.
10) Instagram
Probably the best-known app on the list, Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service that is owned by Facebook.
As with many social media platforms, users can have more than one account.
Users will use one profile to interact with their friends and the other one is their normal account where they’d post what they want their family to see. In Instagram, users call this a ‘finsta’ which means ‘fake Instagram’ account.
Users like to text using Instagram because messages are deleted once a user leaves a conversation.
Children are more likely to use this app to message each other, as it is easy to delete private messages.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Safeguarding officer North Cotswolds

Theft of sheep – Bleddington

  • Gloucestershire police incident 450 23/04/18

Police have received a report of theft of 37 sheep from a field in Bleddington near Stow-on-the-Wold between 10/03/18 and 23/04/18. The farmer has gone to check his stock and found a whole cut in the wire fence and all his sheep gone. The farmer believes they have been stolen due to the recent rise in trading prices for sheep at market.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 or email

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, North Cotswolds wildlife crime officer

Burglary – Great Rissington

  • Gloucestershire police incident 316 23/04/18

Police have attended a house burglary in Great Rissington on Monday 23rd April.
On attendance police have found the house has been burgled while the owner were away.

Police scenes of crime have attended to take forensic samples.

Police are reminding residents to let their neighbours know when they plan to be away so they can keep an eye on their properties.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Burglarlies Hotels in Stow-on-the-Wold

Gloucestershire police incidents

  • 201 23/04/18 – Youth Hostel Stow
  • 210 23/04/18 – White hart Hotel Stow

Police have received 2 reports of attempted burglaries over night Sunday 22nd – Monday 23rd April.
Unknown persons have tried to jemmy a window at the White Hart Hotel causing minimal damaged and not gained entry. At approximately the same time the Youth Hostel has been entered and a set of keys taken to one of the guest rooms. No rooms have been entered and the offender may have been frightened off when finding guests staying in the room.

PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Nottingham Knockers – North Cotswolds

Police have received calls from all over the North Cotswolds Monday 23rd April regarding door to door sellers.

The public are reminded to not buy any products at the door step. These persons are commonly referred to as “Notting Knockers” as in day gone by you could apply for a peddlers licence from the Chief Constable of Nottingham. Peddlers licences are still issued but the user of these licences has to meet criteria, one of which is not to have any criminal convictions.

The “Nottingham Knockers” predominately have criminal convictions and will use this to make the buyer feel sorry for them.

These door to doors seller will look to see where you are going to get your money to pay them. They will smell the money to see if it smells musty and has been kept in the house for a long time. This will give them information they sell on to other criminals who may come and commit burglaries by deception at a later date.

The easiest way to get rid of these callers is to say “NO”. Never let them into your home. If they become aggressive call police on 999.

Police will always attend and move these person on or if we have sufficient complainers they can be issues a fix penalty notice of £90 on the spot.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

ASB – Great Rissington Cricket Club

  • Gloucestershire police incident 84 23/04/18

Police have received a report of anti-social behaviour at Great Rissington cricket pavilion. The chairman has found broken cider bottles and their plastic chairs thrown on the cricket field. He has noticed an increase in youths congregating in the public car park opposite the club recently.
Due to the cricket clubs rural location the persons responsible must be travelling to the location in vehicles.

Police are requesting local residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious persons and vehicles in the area.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 or email quoting the incident number above.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Suspicious activity – Nether Westcote

  • Gloucestershire police incident – 19 23/04/18 Attempted burglary business.

At 4:30 am on Monday 23rd April at the New Inn Nether Westcote there was an alarm activation. The key holder witnessed 2 persons running away with torches into nearby woods.

There has been minor damage cause to a wooden door where the offenders tried to gain entry.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 or email quoting the incident number above

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood policing team

Added on 22 April 2018

Criminal Damage incidents Bourton-on-the-Water

Gloucestershire police incidents:-

  • 213 19/04/18 – Damage to wooden boards
  • 183 20/04/18 – Damage to gate Dial House Hotel committed evening 19/04/18
  • 142 21/04/18 – Damage to play area Rye Cresent

Police have received the above reports of criminal damage caused between Thursday 19th and Saturday 21st April in and around Bourton-on-the-Water.
There have also been reports of anti-social behaviour from local youths.

Anyone with any information to the damage caused please call 101 or email

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

Suspicious activity – Gates left opened at two locations.

  • Gloucestershire police incident 151 16/04/18 at Oddington
  • Gloucestershire police incident 118 18/04/18 at Willersey

Police have received the two reports above where valuable vehicles are at the addresses. At both locations the gates to the properties have been left open by unknown persons during the night.
At this time this is being treated as suspicious activity, but due to recent high value vehicle thefts in the North Cotswolds and surrounding areas police are asking owners of expensive high powered vehicles to be vigilant.

Please report any suspicious activity to police on 101 or email

Theft of sculptures – Stow-on-the-Wold

  • Gloucestershire police incident 343 19/04/18

A report of shoplifting has just come in. A black Seat Leon registration PX53 HNV with a male wearing a woollen hat and short dark hair was witnessed taking two valuable sculptures from The Finals, Stow Square at 3:30 pm Thursday 19th April. The vehicle was last seen driving down Digbeth Street towards Chipping Norton and Banbury.

If seen today please call police on 999. If seen after today please report to us via 101 or  PC 2201 Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

Stolen number plates – Moreton-in-Marsh

  • Gloucestershire police incident 251 13/04/18

Police have received a report of both front and rear vehicle number plates being stolen from an address in Moreton-in-Marsh between 2:00 – 2:45 pm Friday 13th April.

Once number plates are stolen a note is placed on the police national computer to stop any vehicle that has this number plate within the UK.

Theft of number plates is becoming common place to commit crime. Please report this type of crime as it enables us to register the number plates as stolen.

Most types of theft are make off without payment from petrol stations and in major crime such as ATM thefts.

Please report any suspicious activity to police either on 101 , or if the crime is happening at the time please call 999 PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

Importance of Dog Microchipping

Having your dog microchipped can make a lot of difference when looking for and trying to identify a missing dog.

Since April 2016 it has been a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped by 8 weeks of age.

Each microchip has a unique number that must be registered on a Government approved database along with information about your dog and you as its owner. If your dog is not registered on one of these databases you can be fined.

It is important that the information is kept up-to-date so that if your dog does go missing, you can be contacted at the correct phone number or address.

Reporting it to the police as soon as possible is also important, including making us aware of the microchip number so we can record this on our database. This will make it easier for us to identify any dogs that are found and check to see if they have been reported as missing or stolen.

It is also recommended to record the loss or theft of your dog online using sites dedicated to finding lost and stolen dogs. Often these sites work with police and other organisations, such as local Neighbourhood Watch Groups and Vetinary practices, to try and find them.

More information on microchipping your dog can be found on the Government website.

In 2016, the Dogs Trust recorded that 9,000 stray dogs were reunited with their owners due to having a microchip with up-to-date details.

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) also reported that in 2017, 11% of dog owners did not realise that it was a requirement by law to have their dog microchipped and a further 7% had not updated their details when they needed to.

Message Sent By: Caitlin Rosetti (Police, Communications Support Assistant, Thames Valley)

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