Do we need more Police presence?

Vehicles Broken Into Overnight – North Cotswolds

I know this is not an Upper Rissington crime, but it does high light what thieves are targeting and maybe a huge reminder that we need more Police on the street.

Gloucestershire police incident 196 19/01/19 and 177 20/01/19 refers to 12 cars being broken into on a garage forecourt in Station Road Chipping Campden.

Gloucestershire police incident 105, 133 and 333 20/01/19 refers to three cars being broken into in Aston Magna.

Gloucestershire police incident 162 20/01/19 refers to a car being broken into in Blenheim Way, Moreton-in-Marsh.

Between Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th a total of 16 cars have been broken into overnight where small change and various other small items were taken.

The public are reminded to make sure vehicles are locked overnight and to remove any items ,valuable or not from view to prevent damage and theft.

Anyone with any information on any of the above incidents are asked to contact Gloucestershire police by phoning 101 and quoting the relevant incident number above

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

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