Dog walking on farm land – beware!

Dog walking on farm land

Picture of sheep grazing at Great Rissington.

Gloucestershire police have received calls from concerned farmers regarding dog walkers leaving dog’s faeces on farm land, especially in fields with live stock.

If a dog has worms this can be treated. If sheep pick up dog worms , this can not be treated and the sheep become very sick and will die.

We are asking dog owners to be responsible and to pick up after their dogs in all rural areas. I public areas there are plenty of dog poo bins around.

If found committing this offence there is a fine of up to £1500

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Wildlife Officer for North Cotswolds.

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3 thoughts on “Dog walking on farm land – beware!

  1. Dog Walking on farm Land – Update

    Thank you for all your responses to this alert about dog owners being asked to pick up after their dogs wherever possible, including farm land.

    I have been asked to clarify the following points-

    The law only covers public areas and footpaths across farm land.
    The fine of £1,000 is a maximum fine that can be imposed and this is only awarded at court if the dog owner refuses to pay the set fine given by the local authority. This set fine differs from council to council area. I wrongly stated the fine was a maximum of £1,500.

    The intention was not to single out dog walkers but to raise awareness that if a dog has not been wormed then the dog faeces if ingested by sheep can lead to severe illness and still born lambs costing farmer hundreds of pounds in loss of their stock.

    Thank you for all your feedback we have received from the post. We encourage a two way conversation about any of our posts so we can find out what sort of information you would like to receive from your local policing teams.

    Many thanks,
    PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
    Cotswolds North Local policing team

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