Dragon Vets (Old Coop)

In February 2018 we heard that Dragon vets were coming to Upper Rissington and locating in what is the old Cooperative shop. At last weeks Parish Council the Ward Councillor said that they planned to be operational later in the year.

Being a cautious type, I don’t understand why there is delay. Is it possible the site could be substantially changed or even demolished before a purpose built surgery is constructed?

Below are details of the present planning application.

Planning application (17/05200/FUL) change old Coop Shop into Dragon Vets.

Dragon Vets Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dragonvetcentre/ and this is their web site: https://www.dragonvet.co.uk

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One thought on “Dragon Vets (Old Coop)

  1. Check when this application was first submitted! December 2017? I wonder why it has taken Kevin Field so long to deal with it? This gives a whole new definition for coasting to retirement! No wonder our POS is 5 years behind schedule?

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