EE / Telecoms Mast off Sandy Lane

Planning application 16/01100/FUL for the Telecoms mast was recently reconfirmed.

Since the removal of mast from the old site on what is now Victory Fields, the village has suffered with very poor Mobile signals. Various campaigns have taken place to solve the problem and as yet we are still waiting for an improvement.

The planning was accepted on 16th March 2016, for a replacement mast. In fact it was an extension of an existing application. Now all we need is the mast.

Location: Land Off Sandy Lane, Upper Rissington, Gloucestershire.








  • Will it reach great rissington? We do not have any mobile signals either, so please make it as tall as possible. Will vodaphone be able to use it?

  • When the original Orange mast was located on the old boiler house chimney, already scheduled for demolition, it took 2 years before it was switched on, due to local opposition to the so called “harmful effects”

    No doubt there will be similar opposition to the new mast, so if its ever switch it on, it should reach parts of Great Rissington if its suitably rigged, but is unlikely to carry a rival (Vodaphone) system.

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