EE / Telecoms Mast off Sandy Lane

Planning application 16/01100/FUL for the Telecoms mast was recently reconfirmed.

Since the removal of mast from the old site on what is now Victory Fields, the village has suffered with very poor Mobile signals. Various campaigns have taken place to solve the problem and as yet we are still waiting for an improvement.

The planning was accepted on 16th March 2016, for a replacement mast. In fact it was an extension of an existing application. Now all we need is the mast.

Location: Land Off Sandy Lane, Upper Rissington, Gloucestershire.







14 thoughts on “EE / Telecoms Mast off Sandy Lane

  1. Will it reach great rissington? We do not have any mobile signals either, so please make it as tall as possible. Will vodaphone be able to use it?

  2. When the original Orange mast was located on the old boiler house chimney, already scheduled for demolition, it took 2 years before it was switched on, due to local opposition to the so called “harmful effects”

    No doubt there will be similar opposition to the new mast, so if its ever switch it on, it should reach parts of Great Rissington if its suitably rigged, but is unlikely to carry a rival (Vodaphone) system.

  3. Can anyone explain why it was more economically justified for BT to erect the mast at Great Rissington rather than Upper Rissington? Surely the opposition from Upper Rissington was not sufficient for BT to install it at a cost to themselves? This seems all back to front and even smells a bit.

  4. Strange on this, as without a mast being erected our telephone signal is ultra weak. This is something our Parish Council out to chase.

  5. What about the company gigaclear (

    Gone right past our village with brand new fibre cable, heading for Great Rissi, only stopping to dig up Sopwith Road to power their box, installed at the Little Rissi road junction 🙁

    I know Cllr Nigel Moor isn’t happy about this.

    1. Got this back from gigaclear, after I sent them an email yesterday:

      Many thanks for the email. I will pass this to the marketing team to look into whether there’s any potential for us to connect your region.

      Just to give you some insight into how we choose our projects; we generally work in one of 2 methods: at county level with a BDUK bid as the rural operator, or at community level.

      With community level network builds we select villages adjacent to our live areas of around 300-400 properties, or new areas with aggregation of settlements totalling around 2000 residences. These must be without superfast broadband, even in the form of FttC, but with an expected demand from residents (determined by various demographic factors and expressions of interest), they must also be within reach of the national fibre-optic backhaul.

      We will return to you as soon as there is any further guidance.

      We really appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for this.

      Kindest regards,
      Joe Ferrara | Customer Care Advisor
      T: 01865 591131 W:

  6. Jerry I spent a massive amount of time on this last year with Gigalclear and this is one reason I say things are corrupt around here!! Gigaclear had a contract with me to install Fibre at my house in March 2017. Andrew Mclean posted on FB that I had got it wrong so I went back to Gigaclear who reluctantly came back to me and informed me that Andrew was correct and that BT had claimed to Government that they had services in hand to Upper Rissington! Given that many services like google Maps do not acknowledge that Upper Rissington even exists there is a case for our PC to get us on the the “MAP” literally otherwise we will continue to be left behind! Do not trust what the Gigaclear guys say they are changed every few months and no one really knows what’s going on!! The whole thing is a shambles!

  7. Check the small print! We have FTTC with BT and that is the real issue!! As most technical people realise BT does not do FTTP so we are screwed!!

  8. Also worth noting that landline rental goes out the window with Gigaclear too so it lands up cheaper than BT! They use Vonage, which is VOIP technology so all calls are effectively free! Their 50Mbps to the house is still better than anything comparable through BT although some people are paying for the BT 100Mbps service to get barely 40Mbps delivered! But then that starts to get very expensive!

    1. We have a standard telephone that plugs into the back of our BT Router and uses VOIP – makes the whole telephone thing cheap 🙂

  9. That’s OK David but you are still paying £20 plus for line rental, with Gigaclear there is no line rental. If you are happy with BT great for you but there is a much better service out there now! If you want decent Broadband at a sensible price then Gigaclear is a better option! Some people on VF are paying an absolute fortune for a poor service with BT purely because they are more than 500m from a cabinet! You are lucky you are not in that group!

    1. Mike – the line is the broadband line which the phone goes over, so it saved the £20 🙂

      Our broadband is only 3MB at best and want to upgrade to a proper speed, hence my interest in Gigaclear and FTTP 🙂

  10. BTW, FTTP also increases your property value, this is established nationwide with the exposure of the broadband miss selling by BT, Not sure why some people would think otherwise but all to their own I guess?

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