Extract from the Breeze – 10 June ’16 (VH)

The following extract is from Edition 9 of the Breeze regarding the new Village Hall.

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes”. Another certainty is that Benjamin Franklyn was not thinking specifically of a future Upper Rissington Village Hall when he made this famous observation. However, taxes seem to be at the heart of this quarter’s apology for a still non-functioning Village Hall. After the issues around stamp duty that the Parish Council very effectively resolved, we now have an issue with VAT which is causing further delay.

The situation, we understand, is that there is a VAT bill associated with the new Village Hall. The Parish Council is taking advice from VAT specialists on the matter. The cost of this advice is being borne by the developers Linden/Bovis. Depending upon the advice it receives the Parish Council may adopt changes to its tax and financial standing in order to legally avoid the VAT burden. It may also feel that it is not prudent to act on the advice and to maintain its current tax and financial standing and leave any solution to the issue in the hands of the developers.

The Village Hall Trust has done all it can in preparation for the opening. We have a website ready to go live, an on-line booking system, processes, procedures, terms and conditions, pricing, accounting system and a marketing plan. The things we cannot do are those associated with the physical relocation to the new hall or any more physical tests on the facility as it is not yet in our hands. The Trust and the Parish Council have had constructive discussions based on the initial lease drawn up by the Parish Council. As yet the Trust has not had sight of the amended lease but is hopeful that the Parish Council will engineer a situation where it is possible to hand over the Village Hall to the Trust immediately the VAT issue is resolved. To do otherwise might incur further delay.

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