Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 10 Dec 18

What: Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting
Date: 10 Dec 2018
When: 19:30 (Monday)
Where: Village Hall
Agenda: Agenda for Extraordinary PC Meeting – 10 December 2018
Youtube Video of the Meeting: TBD

This meeting is to consider and approve the Parish Council’s representation to the Planning Committee on 12th December 2018 in respect of 17/04151/FUL.

17_04151_FUL – POS

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5 thoughts on “Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 10 Dec 18

  1. Interesting URPC are calling it a Victory Fields Planning Application on their website. I suppose historically this is true, however the application is really about Upper Rissington these days.

    I think we are all guilty of separating the village into 2, 3 or even 4 sections, it’s time for an amalgamation.

  2. Jerry, you are missing the point, CDC have split the village and LinBo have even managed to split Victory Fields into the sections to be adopted, nominally Bovis and sections not to be adopted, nominally Linden properties! The old village is non conforming to the Cotswolds venacular while Victory Fields is supposed to confirm but even that is now open to debate because CDC has not enforced the planning conditions! Then look at the landscaping plans and compare to the unapproved as built plans? When you get back pop down to the pond ASAP and take the plan with you! 6 gates no less on the Public Open Space and do we really want to tour and play in the sewage plant? Yes that is where your precept will go in future! Welcome back!

  3. I have a video recoding of this meeting but will only upload if requested. The chair in effect never closed the public session and used it to brain storm 5 major items to be presented to CDC in a 3 minute presentation.

    In essence it was agreed that the village did not approve of the current plans and this will be clarified by the major bullet points. We left the meeting so that the council could formulate the URPC presentation.

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