Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 24th April ’17

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 24th April 2017 at 19:30 is scheduled in the Village Hall (on the assumption the meeting takes place).

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 24th April 2017

The hope is that the meeting will set the transfer date of the Village Hall to the Trust. The Trust had set a deadline to sign the Lease by the 8th May 2017 and judging by this Agenda this could be achieved (26 months to date the Village Hall was officially completed).

See countdown timer on the left for Lease Completion.


  • Agenda now on PC web site: http://www.upperrissington-pc.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/Agenda-24th-Apr.pdf.

    The transfer date will not be the 8th May, this was just a dead line to sign the Lease, with a set transfer date on it.

  • Thanks for the update David.

  • Lets hope the Village Hall given to the Community is managed soon by an appropriate body. Personally, I no longer care who in particular runs it as long as its run efficiently for all the community (VHT would be great). Interestingly, it is actually functioning properly under the auspices of the Parish Council, which I assume is down to David Harrison coordinating with Debbie Hill. We thank you for all the hard work you both have contributed.

    On the assumption the “TRUST” sign the lease before the Parish Council on Monday, and of course I hope they do, I have uploaded a copy of their Business plan for all to see from their website here.

  • 20th April 2017 – BREAKING NEWS Source: http://urvh.org


    Tonight (20th April) the Trustees of Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust signed the lease, agreed between the Parish Council and the Trust and provided by our solicitors today, for the management and maintenance of the Upper Rissington Village Hall. We’re excited by the prospect of running the hall for the community and are enthusiastic for it’s future development and use as a hub for our community. As soon as the lease is signed by the Parish Council, next Monday, the Trust can review the processes and procedures that it documented over two years ago. We can also set in place the contracts, services, insurances and processes that will enable us to take over the management of the hall from 1st of June.

    Now it needs THREE councillors to turn up on Monday………

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