Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 25th May ’17 at 4:30pm

With May fast coming to the end, the Parish Council needed a meeting but they have decided to have it at a time, 4:30pm when people are still at work and the main topic of interest, the public and press have been excluded.

Where are the co-options?

URPC Extraordinary meeting 25May17

7 thoughts on “Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 25th May ’17 at 4:30pm

  1. David, appreciate the above post.

    Thats three agendas before 1 June, not one includes Co-option.

    Reading between the lines a very sad Agenda.

  2. Well, having attended some PC meeting of recent, in my personal opinion, I can guess who the Clerk has put a formal complaint in about, Cllrs Hanks & Laird.

    Assuming this is the case, how can they then review the person’s abilities when there is an issue between them at said person. I feel an email coming on to CDC as this is just not right.

    It’s all made worse by:

    All the meetings that have been cancelled.

    They didn’t call the Annual Parish Meeting, a meeting for the residents that they are supposed to represent. They had already cancelled this meeting once and it would have been cancelled again, except six residents called the meeting – shocking state of affairs!

    And also we know, there are some people who want to be co-opted onto the PC, which with only three Councillors, this is an urgent matter but not put on the agenda – you have to wonder why?

  3. A short meeting and a few people I had not seen at meetings before. I do think its nice to have new faces
    which bring new comments and questions to the councils attention.

    1. Didn’t we, the residents, have a longer meeting in the car park 🙂 One topic was how rude the Chairman was towards the Clerk

  4. After listening to the recording Cllr Hanks changed the Agenda 8 wording from:

    1. Complaints: To receive and discuss the report from the external reviewer following the complaints made by the Clerk and to agree further actions.


    1. Complaints: To receive the report from the external reviewer following the complaints made by the Clerk and to agree further actions.

    Sitting as an outsider how can the accused councillors, receive guidance from a third party reviewer and then say all is well? This is not the way our democracy behaves.

    It has to be the other way round, The accused, gets the professional advisor to investigate the allegations, as well as the accused.

    Therefore, they cannot have closure on this issue. As an internal URPC issue, legal advice needs to be taken and if not solved amicably it could cost URPC a lot of money, our money.

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