Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 25th May ’17 at 4:30pm

With May fast coming to the end, the Parish Council needed a meeting but they have decided to have it at a time, 4:30pm when people are still at work and the main topic of interest, the public and press have been excluded.

Where are the co-options?

URPC Extraordinary meeting 25May17


  • David, appreciate the above post.

    Thats three agendas before 1 June, not one includes Co-option.

    Reading between the lines a very sad Agenda.

  • Well, having attended some PC meeting of recent, in my personal opinion, I can guess who the Clerk has put a formal complaint in about, Cllrs Hanks & Laird.

    Assuming this is the case, how can they then review the person’s abilities when there is an issue between them at said person. I feel an email coming on to CDC as this is just not right.

    It’s all made worse by:

    All the meetings that have been cancelled.

    They didn’t call the Annual Parish Meeting, a meeting for the residents that they are supposed to represent. They had already cancelled this meeting once and it would have been cancelled again, except six residents called the meeting – shocking state of affairs!

    And also we know, there are some people who want to be co-opted onto the PC, which with only three Councillors, this is an urgent matter but not put on the agenda – you have to wonder why?

  • Link Below to Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting Audio – 25th May 2017

    Audio of Extraordinary Meeting

    I thought Polly, Jackies and Davids contributions were invaluable yet the Chairman dismissed them with a wave of his autocratic hand.

  • A short meeting and a few people I had not seen at meetings before. I do think its nice to have new faces
    which bring new comments and questions to the councils attention.

    • Didn’t we, the residents, have a longer meeting in the car park 🙂 One topic was how rude the Chairman was towards the Clerk

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