Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 27th Feb ’17

There will be an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – Agenda 27th Feb 2017.
Payments List – 27th February 2017

Due to the lack of attendance by local government representatives the last council meeting was cancelled, hence an extraordinary meeting for important business (precept) which requires setting by the end of the month. The cancellation was at such short a notice that those who attended where privileged to take part in an Open Forum chaired by Jason Corban. Everyone reported how well it was ran with much information forthcoming.

If am guessing the unavailable councillors are unaware of the following opening statement that appears on all Agendas:

Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the business of considering and resolving upon the matters as set out below.

At the last council meeting our hard working clerk was brow beaten by an individual councillor. Hopefully, this situation does not repeat itself.

Regarding the PC Agenda item of interest – be interesting to know the final precept outcome.  My guess there will be a rise, regardless that the council appears to be cash rich. If the meeting is cancelled, CDC will set the precept for URPC.

Link to the last council meeting discussion – which was cancelled.

3 thoughts on “Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 27th Feb ’17

  1. I have a hypothetical situation. On a scheduled PC meeting, a councillor with who believes he has accountant skills could not attend. Consequently, a further councillor probably decided they couldn’t attend either (thus preventing the meeting taking place). Which, hypothetically prevented the other councillors fixing the precept until the said councillor became available for the next meeting…end of hypothesis.

    I expect this meeting will go ahead. 🙂 🙂 Because its scheduled ONE day before the deadline that the precept has to be fixed. Why, because councillors cannot meet their obligations and attend meetings, which causes their cancellation.

  2. I attended tonights meeting, in theory to set the precept.

    The Cllrs in attendance were Jason Corban, Brian Hanks and Dawn Laird. Plus Nigel Moor representing GCC.

    What I witnessed was the Chairman (Jason Corban) conducting the meeting to a very good standard and for that I thank him. He spent time explaining the reasons for URPC decisions. What was clear was that Hanks and Laird were nit picking every item discussed, which must make for a difficult meeting to manage by the chair.

    When it came to the precept – Jason explained that they would not set it tonight. He went onto say that CDC will increase it by 2% sampled from lowest precept set over the last three years. Which in effect is a 8% decrease from last years as it was high, next year assuming they set a precept it will rise again by 10%. Got it?

    I would like to add that Debbie Hill (Clerk/RFO) had done all the work for the previous meeting (6th Feb), however as the councillors failed to attend the meeting, it was cancelled.

    Jason also said that, as the Council were cash rich, they would reduce the reserves on village projects.

    He finally, mentioned that there will be an investigation as to why they failed to set the precept this evening. He can save time as to why, we all know where the problem lies.

    One word – SHAM or SHAMBLES describes the meeting! The solution is to work on the precept this year for 2018/19 as per council guidelines and not the 12th hour.


    Karen Milroy in the public session raised two very good points: Why the elevated football pitch on the Barrington Road? Why has Linden closed a path allowing access to the field behind the Tennis Courts?

    Nigel Moor: explained the county Council Tax will rise by about 3.9%. He asked the clerk to publicise on the minutes that he had extra funding for road repairs.

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