Extraordinary PC Meeting – 15 Aug 18 @ 08:30pm

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary PC Meeting – 15 Aug 18 @ 08:30pm

  1. Are these people smoking something? They call an extraordinary URPC meeting to discuss the Public Open spaces and the Public only have 15 minutes for comment? Why should we waste our time as it is clearly a stitch up by an elite group who actually have no interest in Upper Rissington whatsoever! They have undermined the URCLG to the point where GCC has declared it a total failure and now they are attempting to interfere with the process established by our MP by working with the stakeholders who have been affected the most by the developers and the ineptitude of CDC!

  2. Feedback:

    Public session – not much really. Jackie Oliver stated that Bovis have left the site, which means only Darren Partridge and he is working at Moreton at the moment (makes sense until POS plans are passed). We knew Darren had left the site a few days ago, meanwhile where are EMG?

    Another resident pointed out several issues – including the pathway that was supposed to surround the village. Inadequate, drainage on Mitchell / Delfin junction. The metal fencing that blocks the view when leaving Longmore to cross Mitchell Way. He said it should be removed, David Oliver said its only a short fence. In truth it’s a few metres and adjacent to their property.

    The response from the council on POS – all seemed fair (you can listen on the video once uploaded). The final version submitted to CDC will be seen on URPC’s own website. Happy to hear they endorsed a wall across the old Wellington Road.

    Playpark – a long hose will be purchased to irrigate the newly laid turf, Marc Buffrey has kindly allowed URPC have access to water from his property (Albion will not charge for it). The plan is to complete both stages together, rather than Phase 2 next year. Therefore, it was suggested the safety fence should be placed around the whole area and all original fencing removed to make refurbishment easier.

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