Extraordinary PC meeting – 20th Sept ’16

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  1. They are there David – just that the Index I built has been messed up. The sub 2016 page has been deleted from the Menu. Go to the Main Agenda Menu and the years index are still there.

    When does the Clerk (Debbie Hill) return from holidays?

  2. So they are but I’m use to seeing the sub menu, so just thought they had gone.

    Debbie got back off holiday and became ill, so not sure when she will be back.

  3. An extraordinary meeting indeed.

    I had debated whether I should upload the Aural Minutes to the website, I even asked VHT. However, its a true representation of what happened and therefore should be available for all to hear. After the public meeting in an un-minuted discussion many of the points raised by VHT were discussed and a process agreed to solve the issues raised. I have to agree there was positive vibes from the councillors and the VHT members doing their best to solve their differences apart from the Acting Clerk who voiced her concerns following Wayne Fishers reluctance to work alongside her to resolve issues. Obviously, I did not record the out of session discussion as this would be of little benefit to all concerned.

    I have one possible problem: a Councillor acting as a Clerk. I interpreted possible conflicts of interest, with a councillor, acting as a clerk and advising a temporary Chairman, which could create legal issues further down the road for URPC. Dawn Laird, quoted that she had worked 5 weeks in the capacity as a clerk.

    Also, judging by the statement from Wayne Fisher (VHT), it appears that the Parish Council have some differences that need fixing before the lease is signed.

    I asked why there was a need for an Acting Clerk, to have an assistant as per the Agenda this evening. The answer was that there was too much work for the Acting Clerk to do.

    There were also some other issues bubbling to the surface that I don’t want to discuss here, just Déjà vu springs to mind.

    NB: Some councillors heard this evening for the first time that the boiler control is not controlling the building temp. Really, this was apparently reported months ago.

    Also, there was debate about the VH booking system and who administers it. Cllr Hanks/Cllr Laird said they were unaware that David Harrison was NOT running the system for URPC.

    Listen to the meeting here: https://youtu.be/EbFr9AF4MLg

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