CX – Extraordinary PC Meeting – 24th Mar at 09:30am – CX

4 thoughts on “CX – Extraordinary PC Meeting – 24th Mar at 09:30am – CX

  1. A council which desperately need councillors, that has dropped from 7 to 4 in 18 months.

    Whose priority is to get matters in order for the Village, and not be lead my those who believe running URPC is akin to HM Government practices with all the trappings of central government. Naive…

  2. I think you will find this as no surprise – the meeting was cancelled at 09:30 as only two councillors were in attendance when 3 are needed.

  3. This is just ridiculous, you couldn’t make this up!!!

    I was told that the tree maintenance has had to be stopped, due to the issue of who owns the land that the trees sit on!! I suppose this all boils down to, the Parish Council not seeing our village as one village and unless they own the land, they don’t maintain it.

    Surely it should just boil down to a few simple rules:
    Is it in the boundary of the Parish – Yes
    Is it a public area – Yes
    Is there a third party maintenance – No
    Who owns the land – It doesn’t matter
    If the answers are as above, the Parish Council should deal with it.

  4. Do you think the next one will take place? I bet NO.

    Regarding the trees, that is just stupid. I agree David, its about maintaining our village. We all pay through council taxes and we have the money in the coffers, so maintain them.

    Just as the grass cutters aren’t allowed to trim areas which hypothetically belong to Little Rissington the West side of the Barrington Road.

    Utter madness. What can we do nothing, except let them know of our dissatisfaction?

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