Extraordinary PC Meeting – 25 Oct’ 18

What: Parish Council Meeting
Date: 25 Oct 2018
When: 19:30
Where: Village Hall
Youtube Video of the Meeting:


Agenda Items:

4. Public Open Spaces:
a. To consider suggestions to put forward to Cotswold District Council about the space behind the Old Co-Op.
b. To consider the Parish Council’s response to the new details for planning application 17/04151/POS.
5. Winter Action Plan: To consider purchasing additional grit bins for the village.
6. Spring Bulbs: To confirm plans to plant spring bulbs around the village and agree the next steps.

Item 4 comment: Farman Crescent will be built on at some point.
Item 5 comment: Excellent.
Item 6 comment: Excellent, however I fear that if bulbs are not bought soon, then the time window will be missed. September to October are the recommended planting months.

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7 thoughts on “Extraordinary PC Meeting – 25 Oct’ 18

  1. Item 4 – Dragon Vets are still going to move into the old Co-op. Spoke to people checking the building out the other day. The legal side is taking a while!

    From chatting to workers about the extra massive drainage pipes being put in and after the walk round by NDP, it’s more likely that they will try and infill the fields behind Bristol Road/Avro Road/Godfrey Place.

    Item 5 – Highways have already been round filling the grit bins. Bins that have been filled have a yellow sticker on them claiming to be the property of GCC!

    I see they filled some on Mitchell Way but missed Wellington Road

  2. Item 4 – Agree. There are many open spaces that could be built on. Our searches say Farman could possibly have 8 on (does your per chance?). Godfrey Place – towards allotments makes sense and Bristol. Be a sad day for UR, if more development does take place.

  3. Three topics and again so much time taken and nothing really sorted.

    The Winter Action plan. Decision to buy 4 grit bins, but unfortunately URPC did not know whether the land they were to be sited on belongs to them. I congratulate buying bins, but surely URPC should know this basic facts before coming to the council meeting.

    URPC would not consider filling the BIN on Wellington Road as the road is unadopted. Can someone explain why you wouldn’t grit this road?

    Spring Bulb planting. I had already told URPC 2/3 months ago I would plant them. However, its now time to leave the UK and still no bulbs have been bought. I then suggested WODC plant them instead as time is running out (suggested timescale to plant them is up to end of October). Unsure of the final outcome as I left the meeting, as I couldn’t listen to URPC discussion any longer. Embarrassing.

  4. Nothing new but did they agree on how to respond on the POS? I guess they are leaving the whole issue to Victory Fields Homeowners as usual?

  5. Not a real lot of input on POS. All very minor, like where she bins are sited, colour of bins and benches.

    What I found remarkable is that no one will take responsibility to fill the grit bin on Wellington Road. Which means the access to a major part of the village could be compromised (I did say wait until it snows and of course it did today). Seems rather petty.

  6. Jerry, that is not petty, it’s a simple case of avoiding the issues to avoid work and spending money? What are they actually doing for the community? They never report on what’s planned nor what’s been done! Someone needs to get hold of the Bovis site manager, Jim Fowler.

  7. From the Parish Council Website:

    The Parish Council has agreed to plant spring bulbs in the verges around the village. The bulbs have arrived and are now in need of planting. We are now looking for volunteers who are free Saturday and or Sunday from 10am until 1pm to assist.

    Anyone wishing to help plant the bulbs, please contact the Clerk as it would be helpful to know how many are coming so that we can provide the right equipment etc. Councillors will be meeting in the old Co-Op car park on Farman Crescent prior to starting (does this mean all will be helping to plant?).

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