CANX – Extraordinary URPC Meeting – 21 March ’17 – CANX

Extraordinary URPC Meeting on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 7.30pm meeting is cancelled (20 March 2017. A reschedule is planned for 24th March.

Agenda: Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 21st March 2017

I imagine the big question on everybody’s mind; “will this one be cancelled………?” and “will the Village Hall Trust” be acquiring the Hall in April? 

6 thoughts on “CANX – Extraordinary URPC Meeting – 21 March ’17 – CANX

  1. There’s a copy of the agenda on the village hall doors. Don’t know about the other noticeboards but I presume it will be published on their web site. I have asked the Clerk today if it will be on their web site.

  2. New message on the PC web site:

    “The extraordinary Parish Council meeting planned for Tuesday 21st March has had to be cancelled.

    An extraordinary Parish Council meeting will be held on Friday 24th March. The time will be confirmed.”

  3. Here we go again 🙁

    Will the Trust just give up with what will be more delays?
    What will happen to the village hall?

  4. David – I am not surprised. Even predicted it on the opening post. I think the Trust must be ready to throw in the towel.

    Furthermore, we need councillors who take their position seriously.

  5. According to URPC website, only monies to be paid are to be discussed on 24/3/17.
    Therefore one assumes Marches Agenda – April 3rd?

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