Farman Crescent – old Coop site??

Very soon the Midcounties Co-operative will be moving from Farman Crescent to its new site in the Village Square. Originally, there was a plan that the building may have been converted to a doctors surgery. This plan has been shelved and as a consequence we don’t know what is going to happen to this building.

Maybe URPC may know, so it maybe beneficial contacting them for an update.


  1. Retail Unit or Service Unit (doctors).
  2. Returned back to accommodation.
  3. Demolished and whole site redeveloped with new housing around the Crescent.

What is clear we don’t want it to remain unkept and open to vandalism. 

If you know the answer to the question please share your finding with us.

Farman Crescent

13 thoughts on “Farman Crescent – old Coop site??

  1. Well who knows?

    It maybe that they will sell these small parcels of land to small developers.

    This is what may happen if the planned Business park on Victory Fields is changed to housing. Bovis/Linden have already decided they want to leave the site as soon as possible. However, its clear they won’t leave land undeveloped. My guess is that will sell any undeveloped land to a third party.

  2. I have asked many times since the Outline planning permission lapsed but have never got an answer.

    What is clear that the residents around the crescent don’t want the character of the place spoilt by a load of new house crammed in. Children use the green to play on while waiting for the school bus or in the longer days, after school. There is a covenant on the land limiting the amount of new houses.

    Also, there are still the old foundations of the old houses that use to be there. They just knocked them down and covered the foundations and services with soil!

    Personally, I would like to see the Co-op building converted back to residential use, assuming no Doctors want a surgery there.

    1. I agree about it being retained as a home David and the comments regarding the Green.

      I do know that in our House details it states that no more than 6 homes are to be built on that land. Therefore I guess, never say never, there is a possability that it could be built on.

      1. This should be a top Agenda item for the village. We/You need to protect the open space behind the “old Coop” as I am convinced someone will be looking into acquiring planning position for a number of houses.

        Wasn’t aware, but not surprised that the original foundations are still there.

        Here is a picture of the site with housing on Farman Crescent and those on Folland Park.

  3. Noticed that the old Cooperative has being stripped back to an empty building. Also, interesting to see that the revised plans (not passed) has what looks like half the crescent built on.

    1. “Also, interesting to see that the revised plans (not passed) has what looks like half the crescent built on.”

      Were these the unofficial plans, as I’ve not seen a copy that quite covers the old Co-op?

  4. Just bumped this to the top, as mentioned elsewhere David is asking what is going to happen to this building. We don’t want to see it vandalised, but in use as promised or reverted back to shops.

    And what will happen to the land behind it, as its owned by the developers? Will they sell the whole site off for development, that would be my guess?

  5. The telephone wire and drain pipe at the front have been vandalised and more of the back fence is going 🙁

  6. Just updating this post. We know the old Coop is planned to become a Vets.

    The way the developers are working I am convinced they will want to build on Farman Crescent. I do hope not.

  7. They’ll have a fight if they try, if for no other reason, we are becoming a dormitory village, the infrastructure is already having issues and that’s before the 26 Courts house are built and the potential 24 Delfin houses.

    1. David, I totally agree. However, it would appear we cannot stop anything from being built, they will build on all the remaining open spaces regardless of what we think.

  8. As long as they own the land they will do whatever they want because our ward councillor at CDC is supporting them to save his own village! Time to start reconsidering your vote! David what sort of fight do you have in mind? If you are serious better start being a little more proactive!

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