Flogas + the white Calor tanks

In our previous home we were supplied with LPG from Flogas, which proved to be cheaper than Calor. I have just asked them if they could supply our home. Of course we would need our own tank being installed to do this and isolation from the Calor mains supply if authorised from Calor.

We also asked whether Flogas could supplying the village subject to price, they said they would let us know if they were willing to tender and discus replacing Calor. This solution is probably a none starter irrespective of their feedback as many will not want to change from Calor regardless of price.

Flogas: Is part of FTSE 100—listed, DCC Energy, we provide tailored, reliable and affordable energy solutions to domestic and business customers the length and breadth of the UK, and have sister companies that supply homes and businesses across Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway

The other point irrespective of the above is that the current tanks need to be toned down, the houses facing them do not need to see the eyesore of white tanks. I am sure Calor camouflage them Green if asked.

7 thoughts on “Flogas + the white Calor tanks

  1. I was under the impression that Flogas sold out to Calor when Calor took over the supply for the village? Is this not the case then?

  2. Donna, I honestly don’t know the history. But he said he would research and give the answers on Monday.

    All I would like is a severance from Calor to avoid the monopoly. I really doubt they will want to take over form Calor.

  3. GSC (Gas Supply Company) were the original suppliers who offered to connect to the mains gas at Bourton for around £2000 per property, the saving in cost would have paid for it by now! When people were not prepared to commit to what was a no brainier, they sold out to Calor. It would be cheaper to change to oil than have your own gas tank. As 10 houses are on oil, figures should be available for comparison.

  4. The feedback from Flogas is that they could supply at 32p per litre fixed for a year (the whole village must change to Flogas). Calor are currently charging 41.3p.

    A meeting will be held with the Flogas representative to see if the above proposal is possible.

  5. A meeting has been organised early next month to examine the Flogas proposal. In the past a competitive price for Calor was negotiated by Gary Black and this could still be an option.

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