Flying at Little Rissi’ – 1st/2nd & 16th July

There are plans for Tuesday 1st July 2014 for there to be a Low flying Chinook and Puma helicopter and this is scheduled to take place from 1200 – 1700 hours. This activity will include the use of black smoke special effects, and will be generated from a smoke machine.

On Wednesday 2nd July 2014, there will be a C130 carrying out a low fly by through Little Rissington Airfield, from 1730 – 1830 hours.

The activities will take place between the hours of 0900 – 1200. The plan involves having two C130 Hercules aircraft carrying out a fly-by of the Little Rissington Airfield; this will be followed by a C130 Hercules doing a parachute drop of 2 personnel. As part of these aircraft movements, there is also a plan to use explosions, using special effects, as on the previous days.

These activities are being carried out to be filmed as part of an RAF recruitment campaign.

We appreciate that this is short notice, but did want to make sure you were given notification of the planned activities.

Best Regards

Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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