Folland Park – Phase 1 complete

EDIT: 10 October 2018

Pictures below show the completed park and a rather rickety and somewhat dangerous gate (since made safe).

4 September 2018: The Folland Play Park phase 1 is virtually complete. Shame the irrigation has not been completed as promised by Cllr Hanks at the last PC meeting. See below.

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7 thoughts on “Folland Park – Phase 1 complete

  1. Nice to see the new equipment although I thought it could have been tided up better.

    Let’s hope the water gets turned on tonight

  2. Yes the gate was a mess. I did tell the Clerk who asked if I could remove it but some of the screws are rusted in, so today I went back to tidy the gate up. Must have been after your visit today seeing the picture above.

    1. David, given the clerk had not replied to a resident on this matter, I sent another message and picture this morning.

      So guess my mail fuelled the action.

      Surely the WOCD inspection URPC pays for should have flagged this matter up for correction.

      Thanks David for doing the work.

      1. “So guess my mail fuelled the action”

        No Max, I had already email the Clerk about it a while ago but spoke to the Clerk directly.

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