Folland Park – work has begun!

EDITED – 22 August 2018


EDITED – 17 August 2018


EDITED – 15 August 2018:

EDITED (14 August 2018): Work has begun – I can only assume that the request by two councillors to Pauline Rigby (clerk) to delay the park until October failed to materialise.

Posted: 4 August 2018:

Earlier in the year, URPC decided on a welcome and ambitious plan to refurbish the play park in two phases with a budget of £50,000 spread over two years. The old equipment was removed, which means the kids have nothing to play on, until the new equipment is installed. This was supposed to be done for the Summer Holidays – two weeks ago. The URPC website has not been updated with any progress on this, which is what I have come to expect from our PC. I just wish Marc Buffrey had stayed to steer URPC in the right direction and keep us informed.

See an extract from the minutes dated, 12th April 2018

Children’s Play Park:
b) Councillors considered the tender documentation and discussed the timeline for the project. A new phrase had been proposed to clarify the Council’s obligations under phase two. Councillors then resolved to approve the tender documentation, and selected timeline Option B, which seeks completion of the project in the first week of the summer holidays. This will necessitate holding an extraordinary meeting on 23 May to consider the bids received.

Therefore, my question has to be, “where is our new play park?” The deadline has come and gone. Deja vu, it would appear that the council is following previous trends and slowing the process up intentionally. If we take previous experiences on board it will take two years to complete, just as they did with acquiring and leasing the village hall. 

See below for an update on the 9th August 2018.

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7 thoughts on “Folland Park – work has begun!

  1. An update from the Parish Clerk following the PC Meeting on the 8th August 2018.

    Laying turf in this dry weather is a concern, and it looks like the installation will now take place in late summer/autumn.

    A final date and plan will be forwarded later. I have also learned that when it is done later in the year the whole project will be done and not the original two halves.

  2. Below is an update from URPC:

    Back in June the Parish Council placed an order with HAGS for phase one of the play park renovation. The new equipment includes two new climbing frames – one for toddlers and one for school-age children – a spinning bowl, seesaw and trampoline.

    The project has been slightly delayed, for reasons beyond our control, but we are pleased that installation is now going ahead.

    Contractors will arrive on Tuesday 14 August to start clearing the site, and work will continue for about 3 weeks.

    Access to the play park will be from the nearest entrance, off Farman Crescent, and we would appreciate your cooperation in keeping the cul de sac clear of parked cars so that the play equipment installers can carry on with their work and there is no risk of damage to resident’s vehicles.

    The existing play park will be closed during the construction works. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but think the end result will be worth waiting for!

    1. Did you missing something off on that last comment?

      Yes the old swings will be removed, replaced with new swings in Phase 2. But will Phase 2 be brought forward after the discussion about this at the last PC meeting? We wait and see.

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