Footpath on Barrington Road?

It has been suggested on the planning portal that there should be a footpath on the Barrington Road.

There is an area between Sandy Lane Court and Harris Gardens where a footpath does not exist. This needs addressing, which would then allow people to walk from Mitchell Way along Barrington Road to Harris Gardens and join Sopwith Road.

I would certainly endorse a path to be built by highways here. It has been suggested before by URPC to Highways who were reluctant to build anything. However, the village has changed somewhat since this time (addition of Victory Fields and the future expansion of 26 houses West of the Barrington Road).

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2 thoughts on “Footpath on Barrington Road?

    1. Excellent point. Needs adding to the portal.

      I see WODC have planted some trees on the other side of the road (on developer land), where the Heras fencing was. If they grow a footpath won’t work there.

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