Footpath – Road – Road – Footpath

Spotted on a footpath in Upper Rissington. Or is it a road?

Thanks for the anonymously supplied photograph. I believe the developers have already been informed.

Furthermore, I believe this is not the first instance of the footpath being used as a road. Private cars have been spotted on the footpath and bollards have been requested to prevent access.

4 thoughts on “Footpath – Road – Road – Footpath

  1. The Footpath Road, that had drain pipes inserted to stop the above was having the unsightly drains removed today. Maybe Bovis/Linden will actually install the bollards that were promised months ago.

  2. Looks like it’s going to take some time removing the concrete drains if they are doing one a month: December: 1 removed, January 1 removed (so far). Just another six to go.

  3. At least they weren’t using it as a short cut but did they need to chew the surface up so and bit of the edging was damaged 🙁

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