25 February 2017

A collage of pictures depicting the last of the old RAF buildings on what was the technical site, some of which are undergoing conversion. Building 42 now looks very impressive (old Station Headquarters). The miniature castle is still in situ and Jason Corban (URPC Chairman) is looking into its preservation for all.

Building 41, is making slow progress, but progress nevertheless. Meanwhile the Guardroom is providing local employment for www.base.com. While the old Sergeants Mess is now boarded up awaiting its opportunity to be revitalised, after being purchased by Hayman Joyce.

Amongst the collage is a few of the proliferation of signs at the mouth of Wellington Road. One of which warns about the new Roundabout which looks forlorn as it descends down the pole.

There are also two of the five, beautiful bollards that were promised to be replaced months ago by the developers.