3 May 2017

The Southern part of the village under development by Linden and Bovis is progressing well. The street lights that were not installed when the path ways were laid are now being retro-fitted. Unfortunately it does mean some of the finished tarmac on the path ways has had to be dug up to allow access to power lines.

The Rissington Mountain has been taken off site and I am guessing the “open space” behind the Parade Square will soon be landscaped. The bund has been graded that lies between VF and the airfield (further investigation needs to be done to ascertain whether it contains contaminate and is IAW plans). See The bank that lies between RAF LR and Victory Fields. The village is now beginning to look good. I also had a look at the apartments in the East Wing and albeit a little expensive but they are a respectable size for a two bedroom town house.