Gardening in Victory Fields

Picture: Hangar 80 (Proctor Way).

It would appear that some residents have swopped their garden forks for jack hammers when digging their gardens. Some residents gardens, have below the surface aircraft aprons, taxiways and roads that have not been removed.

The contractors have been called back in to several gardens to remove the industrial waste and replace with good top soil.

Below are pictures of a garden from a Brown Field site at UR on Mitchell Way.

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3 thoughts on “Gardening in Victory Fields

  1. CDC claim they know nothing about this because no one reported it to them? They are supposed to have been managing the remediation process but decided to leave the developers to get on with it! Now they wonder why the home owners do not believe their version of events! It’s a joke the photographic evidence proves that the site has not been remediated to any acceptable standard.

  2. The aerial photos that I have, show that all roads and hangar bases were removed however: the soil below is highly compacted where there is soil, mostly its limestone. This is the Cotswolds. The same problems were encounted on Phase One Windrush Park.

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