Gloucestershire CC Election – Persons Nominated – 4 May ’17

Below are the candidates. I know Nigel Moor and he does a great job for the Community, without him we would not have resolved some major issues in our village. I also know Andrew Maclean, and he also very pro-active in the area (I don’t have any details on Andrew –  but found his Green Party site).


Below are details regarding Nigel Moor:

Cllr Moor, who has lived in the Cotswolds for 12 years and has lived in Kenya, Egypt, Ghana and Kuwait, represents the Stow division on Gloucestershire County Council.

Cllr Moor has served as the chairman of the planning committee at Gloucestershire County Council. He has a degree in planning and had a career that has seen him work across the UK, Africa and the Middle East. A new chairman will be appointed at the next committee meeting.

The cabinet post Cllr Moor is taking over is responsible for Gloucestershire’s Fire and Rescue Service, the county’s strategic infrastructure, and the county’s planning role, which focuses on planning for waste sites and mineral extraction. 

Cllr Nigel Moor, cabinet member for fire, planning and infrastructure, said: “I am really excited to be joining cabinet.

“This is a great role for me as my background is in planning and I am very keen to develop my knowledge in fire and infrastructure.”

A former cabinet member of South Oxfordshire and Mayor of Wallingford, Cllr Moor moved to the Cotswolds with his wife Christine after their three daughters left home for university.

Cllr Moor has many hobbies including writing and is a keen cyclist. He will be cycling from London to Brighton later this year.

Although there are many aspects of Gloucestershire Cllr Moor enjoys, the picturesque countryside and market towns are the ones that make Gloucestershire his favourite county.


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