Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership Community Hub

The Road Safety Community Engagement Hub is the new one-stop-shop for communities who have a road safety concern in their locality. The Hub isn’t a replacement for road safety partnership, or any existing services, rather it is a enhancement that compliments everything that we do, and joins forces with colleagues in police and highways to provide the very best resolution or advice to the communities we serve.

Normally, road safety concerns fall into two broad categories – concerns about the ‘road’ or place, or concerns about the unsafe manner in which some ‘people’ behave on the road – and it would be very helpful to you if your concern is directed to the most appropriate place in the first instance to provide you with the help and advice you are seeking.

If your concern is about the road itself, such as potholes, crossings or drainage, then the best way is to report your concerns directly to the County Council – this can simply be done by clicking this link.

However, if you local concern is about the unsafe way some people use the road in your community, then the Hub is here to help. Please visit this link and report as necessary.

If you are unsure who to raise your road safety concerns with, or if it is a combination of these two areas then the Hub will manage this for you. Click here for more info.

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