Harris Gardens / Reland

Would like to thank the couple who piled the rotting leaves for collection and cut the shrubbery on Harris Gardens (you can now see the road sign). Some of the vegetation covered the road by up to 4-5 feet.

Plus a thank you to Reland for collecting the rotting leaves and cut vegetation on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Harris Gardens / Reland

  1. Do you know if it is Reland’s responsibility to maintain the street lights on Harris Gardens? The council say it is not theirs. Have been trying to find out who is responsible for ages but can’t get a reply. Two street lights have been out for about 2 years now.

  2. I believe it is Reland as the road is not adopted. Have a walk across to the office and have a chat.

    The folk in there will listen and I know will fix the lights if it’s their responsibility.

    We asked for them to collect the leaves and they didn’t hesitate.

  3. Kare
    It will be Reland and I have to say if you go over to there office and ask they will sort for you.
    I was over asking about the ones down Wellington Rd which are out they had residents saying that some do not want the lights because the brightness outside there home but I think they need to be done as saftey to everyone.

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