Have your say on Victory Fields – 2012

In February 2010, outline planning consent was granted for:

• 368 new homes
• Up to 3,140sqm of non-residential and leisure facilities
• Up to 2,050 sqm of shops
• Up to 7,100 sqm of office space
• Conversion of the former Officers’ Mess, Station Sick Quarters, Station Headquarters and Education Block to domestic use
• Conversion of the former Watch Tower, Guardhouse and Sergeants’ Mess to employment use
• The provision of public open space
• Road and junction improvements

The outline planning consent secured the principle and scope of this development. However, Bovis and Linden Homes have now submitted “reserved matters” applications to Cotswold District Council, which cover the finer details of the development not specifically referred to in the outline permission.

This falls into five parts:

• Housing (304 new dwellings & 64 dwellings in refurbished buildings) – ref:12/03810/REM
• Business Park for Offices & Light Industry (new & refurbished buildings) – ref: 12/03811/REM
• Primary School – ref: 12/03895/REM
• Village Community Centre – ref: 12/03896/REM
• Village Square (shops, nursery, pub) – This has not yet been published.

What do you like or dislike about the Development?

The Upper Rissington Parish Council would like to encourage residents to make their comments (good and bad) directly to the Cotswold District Council, on all of the five parts to this development with reasons why they like or dislike something.

There are several ways this can be done: You need to quote the reference number/s (as above) if you send an email or letter.

Email: planning@cotswold.gov.uk Attention of Deborah Smith (the case officer)

Letter: Deborah Smith, Planning Department, Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1PX

Website: The links to each of these parts of the development are on the Parish Council’s web site at: http://upperrissington-pc.gov.ukso you can easily find them on the web. You can then look through each application and provide comments in the Comments section of each of the applications as you wish. Note: if you received this newsletter by email, all the links are in the top section.

Please note, time is very limited for comments, so the sooner the better! The Parish Council has been told that comments will be considered if they are received by the Cotswold District Council before the applications are presented to the Planning Committee on the 12th December.

Make a change, make a comment?

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