Hiring the Village Hall for Badminton

Anyone wanting to hire the Village Hall should visit the website and read this page.

Our family recently bought badminton rackets and are considering hiring the hall. There is a major downside, however. Before you are allowed to hire the Hall, a PC Hire Agreement should be signed plus a £100 deposit paid. Then you pay a hire charge of £8 per hour.

The deposit will be banked by the Parish Council but refunded after the hire, assuming there were no issues. 

NB: The hall is temporarily being operated by the Parish Council, with a group of volunteers looking after the hall/bookings. You MUST sign the PC hire agreement and return it to the Parish Council before using the Hall. 

I think the £100 deposit may put us off if we are to play on a regular basis. And as we don’t have a full time clerk at the moment will the deposit be returned after hire?

However, we may give it a whirl and report back later.

11 thoughts on “Hiring the Village Hall for Badminton

  1. The £8 rate is a Resident rate and is also a temporary Parish Council rate.

    I would have thought that a non-profit club would be best, as the rate would be better, no messing about with deposits but the club would have to have some form of Insurance.

  2. I think until a club is formed then Donna is spot on, the pricing is prohibitive. Cashing the £100 will mean individuals will not hire either.

    Will make contact David, happy to form a club if that’s what is needed. Guess we are talking of some kind of PLI?

  3. Some good advice on clubs online: like everything complex to setup.

    I, like others find that if you were to book the Hall twice in a week then the £100 becomes £200, before returned within 7 days. I also don’t see this working.

    At the moment there is no formal Sports committee to run this either.

    Sorry, looked at some other local halls to hire. Their booking fee is 10% of the hall hire, fee which would be acceptable in comparison to above.

    NB: Have the lockers been fitted yet to secure your personal possessions?

  4. Max, you’ll see that it’s 28 days! the deposit will be refund in, in the PC hire agreement:

    “This special deposit must be paid at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the
    hire and will be refunded within 28 days of the termination of the period of hire
    provided that no damage or loss has been caused to the premises and/or contents
    nor complaints made to the Parish Council about noise or other disturbance during
    the period of the hiring as a result of the hiring.”

    and if they are already holding a deposit, you wouldn’t pay another £100.

    No lockers or stage yet.

  5. Hi David

    This is a huge disappointment. I would like to hire the Hall this PM and/or tomorrow morning for a game of badminton.

    This clearly cannot be done if I have to pay a deposit 7 days in advance (I would pay it if I could). Finally, I’m not going to comment on the 28 days refund policy.. 🙂 🙂

    I suppose this means the Hall will never be hired for impromptu games of badminton; EVER.

    My final point is that the Hall was built for the community under the S106……………………………

  6. I read it as, if you have booked the hall with less than 7 days to go, you need to pay & complete a hire agreement immediately but remember, the village hall isn’t ‘manned’, so there will be a time lag for a volunteer to respond to a booking request.

  7. David, going to deposit £100 with URPC. Only question we have is who knows whether there are Badminton posts and nets and who controls them?

  8. Haha

    You should have said David – would have helped you move stuff if you needed a hand. Max and Zoe enjoyed the Panto.

    Well time to deposit that £100 at last….Happy NY.

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