Homeowners set to benefit from sewer change

Homeowners set to benefit from sewer changes

12:00pm Wednesday 20th July 2011

By Andrea Glennon

HOMEOWNERS will benefit when Thames Water takes on maintenance responsibility for more private sewers later this year.

Currently residents are responsible for waste pipes running from their homes to where they connect with the main sewer pipe.

But from October 1, Thames water will be responsible for any sewer pipes outside a property’s boundary.

The Government estimates the changes could see bills increase by between £3 and £14 per year. But Martin Baggs, Thames Water chief executive, commented: “The small increase in your bill will protect you against the much larger one-off costs of clearing blockages and making repairs.”

For more information go to thameswater.co.uk/privatesewers or call 0845 0709 150.

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2 thoughts on “Homeowners set to benefit from sewer change

  1. Problem in our village, some of the sewers run through peoples property, so what happens if the sewer springs a leak?

    This is one of the reasons why Thames Water wouldn’t adopt the sewers here.

  2. Also people have put extentions and other building bits over sewers pipes

    From what I was told people should have gone to Reland before building then they would have known this information on old pipe work.I know some people have asked them and where told where pipe work runs so home owners problem.

    My guess would be if they want to replace all sewers then they have a right too.

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