How long does a laptop last for?

At minute 47 of the last Parish Council Meeting there were discussions about renewing Office 365, which was authorised (Office 365 was on the Agenda).

Then the clerk took the meeting off Agenda and said there are a few things that need sorting out, see below:

First Point – The few things were not listed on the Agenda and are thus were discussed illegally.

Second Point – Back Ups of daily files – system was described as not working. This can be easily done by a standalone SSD hard disk, I use Synology NAS. Or an automated on-line back-up.

Third Point – Possible purchase of a new computer was discussed as this one appears to be less than 3 years old and according to the clerk and is slow.

Therefore my question is how long does a laptop last for? I have a MacBook Pro which is 7 years old and I can’t justify replacing it.

Finally, it appears we can have the best office set up in the county, but can we cut hedges or maintain trees?

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4 thoughts on “How long does a laptop last for?

  1. In a company environment, a laptop is ‘off the books’ when it is older than 3 years but (especially) Windows, can be magically rejuvenated by clearing out all the ‘rubbish’ off the hard drive: old data, unused fonts & programs, is the hard disk fragmented. Some times it is easier just to do a complete re-install and put back the programs you use; you get back your ‘new’ laptop.

    But why does the Clerk think it is slow: doesn’t boot-up quickly, long time getting things off the Internet, printing, searching folders (Windows indexing is terrible on Windows 8 – clear out folders), is Windows doing security downloads and installs in the background (I hope patches are being installed), anti-virus continually scanning, etc?

    My Windows laptop is six years old and has had one complete re-install and runs fine. Main issues are: the mouse pad is getting worn and less responsive and recently can’t now use it on battery (need to buy a new battery).

  2. David, I agree for once! BUY a reputable utilities program and it will last much longer! My laptop is an older version than hers and its still going after more than 10 years! I have a new one which I am migrating to now in an orderly fashion before the HD packs up! As usual none of them have a clue about anything!

  3. Let’s be positive as Jerry keeps asking! Winclean pro for less than £50 will solve PR’s problem but for little over £100 they can buy WinZip utility suite which has a user friendly interface to scan the computer and clean up weekly, monthly or whenever automatically! Both options will certainly avoid spending on getting a new computer for no sensible reason!

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