Inconsistent Grass Cutting

Really pleased to see that the grass has ben cut at least twice in the village.

The council have also cut the verges today and the blind spot near the junction that leads down to Bourton-on-the-Water.

However, really disappointed to see the grass that is the responsibility of Reland has yet to have ONE cut. Why? Has anyone asked Reland why this is so?

4 thoughts on “Inconsistent Grass Cutting

  1. I had a good chat with Reland today, didn’t get onto the bat issue/rumour but about the grass – they have delayed cutting the grass due to all the marking they have made on it for the slit trenches. They have started these soil sample trenches in the village area and once done will cut the grass.

  2. David,

    Any reason why they did not cut the grass between the Officers Mess and the Commercial Site – the large open area?

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