Jason Corban (URPC Chairman) has resigned

David Harrison has just posted here saying that there is a notice on the Village Hall door announcing that the Parish Council’s Chairman (Jason Corban) has resigned.

Very disappointing indeed as I know Jason could have made a huge difference given the opportunity. Jason, speaking on the behalf of the community we really appreciate your efforts in attempting to make realistic decisions. We all know that you would have ensured the Village Hall Trust would be running the Hall by now, given the opportunity. Of course we didn’t always agree, but thats democracy. Good luck with your future projects, as said disappointing.

Of course now the speculation begins, we have dropped from 7 council members to 4 in 18 months. As said elsewhere the destructive element is still in place and its my belief this must be there soul purpose. Destroy the council and in the process destroy the Village Hall Trust and combined with that the Village.

We cannot let this happen, please attend the next Parish Council Meeting and ask them what is their Agenda as its clear without Jason and the Clerk pulling together we have nothing with the present Vice Chairman, except indecision. 

Or better still now there are 3 places on the council available – JOIN – you CAN make a difference.



  • I totally agree with above post – shame that Jason has stood down.

    We need 3 new councillors who will make a difference to your parish. 3 strong candidates who will lead the village forward to get things done.

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