KIER hands over Village Hall/School

Today KIER construction hands over two impressive new facilities to the village of Upper Rissington. Liz Bannister, headmistress of Rissington school formally accepts the superb new school today. Can you imagine being taught in a class named “Spitfire”? An appropriate name in this new school. More information in this leading academic establishment can be found here.

Rissington School

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Rissington School

And to top this off, a brand new Village Hall was handed over to the developers before the Parish Council take possession. Both of these units are of outstanding quality and will be a worthwhile asset to our Cotswold Village. Thank you Bovis and Linden.

Village Hall

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Village Hall


2 thoughts on “KIER hands over Village Hall/School

  1. Tomorrow, is the anniversary of the completion of the Village Hall – ONE YEAR. A fantastic facility lying empty.

    Can anyone explain the reason this building is STILL not being used for its designed purpose? I am at a loss.

  2. The Village Hall has yet to be handed over to the Village Hall Trust. Two years ago they began making arrangements for this.

    Brian Hanks (cllr) promised that it would be handed over for the Village Fete in 2015. Looks as though he got the year wrong. Only positive aspect is that the Hall is accepting bookings thanks to Dave Harrison and the Parish Clerk making suitable arrangements.

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