KIER provides power for Defibrillator

Cllr Flint, yesterday persuaded Steve Threadingham of KIER to pre-wire the Community Centre for the installation of a Village Defibrillator at the Community Centre FOC (in the anticipation that the Councillors say yes to the proposal at the next council meeting).

Steve, said yes (after talking to the electrician – Alex Hewlett of Axiom Building Services Ltd) – which is great news.


3 thoughts on “KIER provides power for Defibrillator

  1. At Mondays Council meeting Brian Hanks quoted the Council had received donations of less that £200 towards the Defibrillator. In reality we don’t need anything as £2000 has been set aside for the unit. Notice the date of the original post – my question is why has that not been purchased and installed by now when money is set aside. The developers said they would allow for installation of the unit irrespective of Village Hall ownership.

    We have a discrepancy.

    The PC says the community have donated £200. Trouble is we don’t need to raise anything as £2000 as already been allocated.

    So where is the rest? See minutes.

    Bovis have offered £100 – not collected.
    CUR:ve have raised £250
    Coop have raised £50
    Huntsmans Quarries have promised monies. Not followed up on.
    Kath Finch – £75 (approx’)

    Something doesn’t tally from the quote from the last Council Meeting. If anyone is concerned – send the clerk an e-mail. All that is needed is a phone call to order and arrange installation.

    Useful Link – British Heart Foundation – Applying for a Defibrillator.

    Where to Purchase: The Defibrillator Shop.

  2. Latest update.

    The developers won’t let the Parish Council install a defibrillator to a building they don’t open; does make sense.

    Downside, the PC haven’t identified which model they want (money has been in place for a number of months).

  3. Sorry to bring an old post up – but just listened to the Audio Minutes of the last PC meeting and there is some false info being promulgated by a resident. This post tells what actually happened.

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