VF Public Opens Space Brief – Sept 17

Linden and Bovis have delivered a CD via the Remarkable Group to residents with a letter explaining their future plans for the village today.

The Letter.

CDC Planning Variations
CDC Planning Variations 1
CDC Planning Variations 2
CDC Planning Variations 3

Below are 7 very important files from this CD explaining all. Please review them and then view this POST.

Landscape Planning File List. :Landscape Planning File – 5109 – Drawing Issue Sheet 23.8.2017

Play Areas & Trim Trail: Play Areas & trim Trail – 5109_LBS_002_email

Full Details of the Proposed Play Parks: Full Details of the Play Parks: 5109.PLAYSPACE PROPOSALS email

Original S106 Landscape Drawing: Original S106 Landscape Drawing – 5109.PP.L

An overview of the Play Space: Play Space Overview – 5109.PS.OVERVIEW

Pathway and Cycle Path Overview: Pathway and Cycle Paths – 5109.HS.O

A section of the Southern (Football) field?: Southern Area adjacent to Barrington Road – 5109 Proposed Section Details _ C