Linden, Bovis – Compliance Planning Instructions

Cotswold Planning link to 13/00823/COMPLY

Compliance with condition 5 (phasing plan), 8 (landscaping), 24 (Surface water drainage details), 25 (Remediation), 26 (Foul drainage), 27 (Drainage strategy dealing with on and off site drainage work), 28 (Water supply), 34 (Scheme for laying out constructing estate roads) ,35 (Cycle parking), 37 (Lighting),38 (Slab levels) and 40 (environmental effect0.

Partial demolition of former military buildings and existing commercial buildings and redevelopment of the application site for up to 368 dwellings, up to 3140sqm of D1 and D2 floorspace, up to 2050sqm of A1-A5 floorspace, up to 7100sqm of B1 floorspace; conversion of former Officer’s Mess, the Station Sick Quarters, the former Station Headquarters and the former Education Block for residential purposes; provision of public open space, associated access and junction improvements and other associated works.

Below is a sample of one of the PDF files.

Bovis - Phase 1

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