Linden – Bovis Construction Site

Victory-photo-webAs per title – they seem to be so unorganised they can’t organise a proverbial p*** up in a brewery.

  • Roads started and then left unfinished.
  • Rubbish left everywhere and I mean everywhere. No attempt to tidy up. The is litter is not from residents but the builders themselves.
  • Building material left all over the site – a theft target for undesirables.


  • Metal fencing everywhere. Might be installed for Health and Safety, however what it does is make the site look very low brow.
  • Grass not cut.
  • Plants just pulled up and left not replanted when pipes have to be relayed. No responsibility seems to be shown by anyone.
  • Site Manager needs to do – just that manage it.

Would you want to buy a house on Victory Fields – judging by the way they leave things? I personally like the refurbished apartments. Just can’t see me or anyone want to buy when the site is in such a mess. Doesn’t bode well for the future. It must be hell living on the site the way they leave things.

In contract the Kier Group are who are building the Village Hall and Community Centre, seem to be totally organised and endeavour to keep the site organised and tidy. The advantages of such an approach are happy residents. Please comment on the Forum.

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