Little Rissington Housing Needs – NIMBY!

This is a document describing Little Rissington Parish Housing Needs – dated August 2017.

In June 2017 Little Rissington Parish Council engaged the services of GRCC’s Rural Housing Enabler to carry out a local Housing Needs Survey. Little Rissington Parish Council consists of:

  • Wendy Sterling – Chair
  • Mark MacKenzie – Charrington – Vice-Chair (also Cotswold District Council Cabinet Member; Cotswold District Councillor for The Rissingtons Ward)
  • David Pugh
  • Nick Cole
  • Duncan Hughes

This is the report: Little-Rissington-2017-HNS-report

Below is an extract from Page 9 and 10 of the report.

Question 13 asked…If you have any comments on the issue of affordable housing please use the space below:

  • Any affordable housing built in the village should be only available for people with an established family connection with the village for more than five years.
  • Additional housing would spoil the unique and rural nature of the village. We definitely do not need any more traffic, especially on Pound Lane which cars drive down far too fast.
  • Little Rissington has no community facilities other than a very small village hall. If any more houses are to be built in this village, we need a village shop and/or a bar similar to the Hangar in Upper Rissington.
  • In principle I am in favour of affordable housing in Little Rissington on a very small scale. The village has no amenities, a through traffic issue and no street parking. This should be taken into consideration.
  • Use Upper Rissington.
  • There are enough scroungers in the Cotswolds already and their presence is known to suppress the saleability and value of nearby properties.
  • A development of new properties could detract from the village’s rural stone property setting and many new properties have already been built in Great Rissington and Bourton already. The infrastructure is also insufficient.
  • There has already been too much development on the Upper Rissington site causing enormous traffic problems in this little hamlet. Possibly service problems too, eg schools, facilities, shops, doctors. I suggest affordable housing closer to towns with infrastructure to support.
  • Often affordable housing is needed by persons on a low income – would they necessarily have transport of their own? Little Rissington has limited public transport, no facilities such as shop, post office. So this could pose a problem particularly for families. Also, the school bus has refused to stop here in the past years as Little Rissington is too close to Bourton on the Water under current CDC guidelines.
  • There has been so many houses built in this area, there should have been a percentage of those made affordable.
  • There are no amenities in this village. There is an almost non-existent bus service. This village would not be suitable for affordable housing as people who could not afford a car would be marooned.
  • We already have a limited amount of affordable housing. If this survey shows a need then a limited number of additional units would be welcome. (Say 2-3).
  • Maybe reasonable for first time buyers but they move on relatively quickly. Properties then end up as second home to let or for holiday purposes.
  • Disappointingly, in my experience of discussing this matter with others living near to such developments, an unhealthy number of occupants fail to properly maintain their property (buildings and gardens) and show inadequate respect to immediate neighbours and community such a development will degrade the village appearance and social wellbeing.
  • There is no doctors’ surgery, school, shops or employment. All new housing in LR just creates more traffic.
  • WE have a problem with traffic already. This will just make it worse. There should be enough affordable houses built at Upper Rissington.
  • Do not believe necessary following the availability in Upper Rissington and Bourton-on-the-Water.
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4 thoughts on “Little Rissington Housing Needs – NIMBY!

  1. Jerry, why does LR want you to remove NIMBY from this posting? This is a perfect definition of the correct use of that term. It’s a document in the public domain now so perhaps LR should be more circumspect before posting such emotive propoganda in future? Keep up the good work, keeping people informed!

    1. I have had a request to remove NIMBY from the title, from LR Council, it stays.

      The quotes are not from us, its what the village people thought about social housing following a report generated by GRCC. Therefore, we are being Open and Transparent.

  2. That sounds like Upper Rissington, UR Reporter, sorry for sounding naive but I thought the local council was elected to support the wishes of the people in their Parish! Clearly , I got that wrong as they are more occupied with being Politically Correct! Obviously, another Banana Republic. Perhaps this area should be renamed Little Africa?

    1. Yes, I am really disappointed in our local government. All everyone wants is openness and transparency. Just like LR doesn’t want social housing. UR doesn’t want extra building work without thought and an adequate infrastructure.

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