Little Rissington Parish Council

Looking For New Parish Clerk

Little Rissington Parish Council are in need of a Clerk, the current role also includes that of Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).

The main part of the job would be to attend Parish Council meetings, take and write up minutes of meetings and handle all related communications.

Ideally the clerk would also act as Responsible Financial Officer (RFO), which would require the ability to monitor budgets and keep simple income and expenditure accounts. Training is available for all aspects of the Clerk role.

The role would also involve liaising with the district and county services when required.

The job is home based, apart from attending the Parish Council meetings every other month.

Actual hours are flexible; currently 2 hours per week, there might be scope to increase the hours if needed. The remuneration for the combined role of Clerk/RFO is according to the National pay scales, currently £9.60 per hour.

If you are interested, please contact the current Clerk, Lynne Parkes, on:

Tel: 01451 830461

Closing date of applications is 30th June 2011.

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