Living on Beechcraft Road

This picture was sent to us and I thought I would share it with you. How many people can get to fix a street, seems like hundreds? Good to see they are trying to fix things, but living there must be difficult at the moment.

Spot the workman!

As an aside, why call it Beechcraft, I don’t see the connection with RAF Little Rissington.


  • “As an aside, why call it Beechcraft,”

    The RAF 12 Sqn operates the Beechcraft R1 and 45 Sqn has the Beechcraft King Air B200

    There are however names around Victory fields that have nothing to do with the RAF or Little Rissington or are simply misspelled
    Delfin -Yugoslav jet used by the Soviets
    Provast – Spelling Provost!
    Cosforth House – presumably named after RAF Cosford
    Whaton House – presumably named after RAF Watton

  • “Provast – Spelling Provost!”

    That has been corrected, street sign and on map 🙂

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