Longmore – Kitty Hawk – Mitchell X’ing

As you can see, construction work is going ahead today on the Longmore crossing with Kitty Hawk Road. I’ve added a picture that David Harrison supplied that highlights Kitty Hawk Road. The PDF below shows how Kitty Hawk (A.P.Ellis) looks like it will be cut in two, which will clearly reduce traffic to sensible levels. I am sure David will be redraw the street name pdf when the construction ceases.

There’s also pictures of Public Open Space near the Mitchell Way crossing that needs to be cut by Steve from the Rissington Management Company at some point. There is also hedging near the crossing of Mitchell, that blind sights the footpath that crosses Mitchell Way to the school, arguably this is very dangerous and cannot have been planned. There is no reference to this hedge (metal fence) on the planting scheme below. 

You can compare the blind spot to the roundabout blind spot reported three years ago at the West of Mitchell, which was partially corrected by reducing the wall height.


Pictures added: 23 May 2018 below: 

Pictures added: 4 June 2018 below: notice no raised table.

Pictures added: 9 June 2018

The construction of a road crossing of Longmore (Kitty Hawk Walk) to what was A.P.Ellis has stopped, until more research takes place on whether they need to continue with the current design. There are residents who would prefer a rethink and that the current road access to A.P.Ellis should stay open from Delfin Way. Hopefully, a solution is forthcoming soon as the properties are nearing completion that require the new access.

Amazing how dirty these roads are, you would think LinBo, would maintain them to a higher standard.

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