Marc Buffrey resigns from URPC

I am very disappointed and saddened to let you all know that the Upper Rissington Parish Council Chairman Marc Buffery has resigned from the Parish Council.

Firstly, as a person that takes great interest in our village, I am really disappointed to relay this information. Marc has been instrumental in moving URPC forward in leaps and bounds in the last few months, unfortunately it would appear that the old guard has meant his position has became untenable. I really hope Cllr’s Hanks and Laird don’t undo any of the good work he has done, including the planned  play park improvements. I was hoping that the council was moving forward in a cohesive manner, how wrong I was.

I have not angled any criticsm at URPC for a long time as I had hoped and believed progress was being made, how wrong I was.

Furthermore,  I hope that Cllr Mark Mackenzie-Charrington takes responsibility and asks why Marc has resigned at the next council meeting.

Resigned in 2018:
Marc Buffrey

Resigned in 2017:
Rosie Webber
Caroline Maclean
Andrew Maclean
Jason Corban
David Arnold

Resigned in 2015/6:
Hans Ziebeck

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5 thoughts on “Marc Buffrey resigns from URPC

  1. Why has this information not been displayed on the URPC website? Surely he should give a reason for his resignation. Is thst top secret or has he been gagged too?

  2. It is – if you look under councillors. All the Clerk has done is remove his name, without an explanation. Hopefully, Marc has left a resignation letter for the Vice Chair to read out.

  3. I hope so too but will it contain the real reasons for his resignation? I doubt it? Are they allowed to give reasons or is the letter censored? Do we get to see the original?

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