Mitchell Way Roundabout

This video was supplied by a neighbour and was taken using a dash cam. It quite clearly shows that its only a matter of time before there is an accident at this roundabout, if people do not observe the Highway Code. Hopefully, EMG will complete the roundabout with the addition of proper road markings in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “Mitchell Way Roundabout

  1. It’s my opinion that this isn’t an issue with the roundabout but an issue with users. You can clearly hear the indicator going so it’s clear the driver of the other vehicle isn’t paying any attention to the road or the vehicle going around the roundabout.

    1. It is definately an issue with users, but so far I have had to give way to other vehicles on numerous occasions because they have been oblivious of the fact its a roundabout, now fed by 4 roads not just one. It is what once used to be referred to as a Black Spot

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