More on Roads and Paths in Victory Fields.

Bruce Simmonds (Gloucester County Council) has been made aware of the following problems at UR, by a very proactive resident.

  • Roundabout flooding incident.
  • Street sign for Beechcraft Road.
  • Lack of work this week on the road surfacing and re levelling of manholes.
  • Lack of progress with the 15 street lights incorrectly located across Victory Fields.
  • Planning stupidity of Cranwell Road crossing Longmore walk to Spitfire Place.
  • Lack of street lighting along Longmore walk particularly past the school to the Village Hall!
  • The Longmore walk being half Tarmac and half Hoggin surface.

Hopefully, we will see some progress on these issues, as Nigel Moor and Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP are also aware.

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