Mud, Glorious Mud……..NOT

The Officers Mess Development is progressing well (Phase VI of Victory Fields).

However, as you can see there is one huge downside of the work at this time of the year and that is Mud Glorious Mud – NOT.

The developers are supposed to prevent this as per the S106, by having a wheel wash on site, so that vehicles leave the site clean. As a consequence Cotswold District Council have been informed of the situation and hopefully Deborah Smith will enforce a clean up, as promised.

Until the problem is resolved, the downside is that a white vehicle is unsuitable if you live in this area. 🙁

NB: It should be noted that without the road sweeper – it would have been much worse.

10 thoughts on “Mud, Glorious Mud……..NOT

  1. A very positive outcome: The Ward Councillor Mark Charrington-McKenzie contacted Bovis/Linden and Linden have been pro active in matters.
    The road be hosed down and swept clean on Friday so the dirt isn’t there over the Christmas break.

  2. Perhaps they could slow down their dumper drivers as well, I have almost been hit twice by speeding trunks in the middle of the road!

  3. Saw one of the fork lift drivers going along Barrington Road busy on his mobile while carrying a load from Wellington Rd round to south end of VF. Didn’t see the number plate unfortunately.

  4. More failed promises by the developers. Not unexpected, just disappointed.

    Glad I don’t live down Smith Barry.

    Shows you how much power CDC have…none.

  5. “Shows you how much power CDC have…none.”
    They have the power, they just lack the gumption to enforce it. Its much easier to hasstle the little man than the big developer!

    1. I really don’t understand why people who hold a positions of power and could enforce, do nothing and are paid £££ of tax payers money.

      I have sent pictures and complained to Deborah Smith and Mark McKenzie Charrington about the state of the roads and how badly let down we have been by the developers.

      They seem to think it is all ok and it is clearly not.

      We also had a near miss with the dump truck at the corner near the school where the driver driving was going far too fast and in the middle of the road.

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